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The State of Content

These days Content and Digital Marketing teams need to be dynamic and fluid to achieve competitive advantage and establish a foundation for marketing success. Creating compelling, engaging, useful, and dynamic content-driven experiences moves businesses forward; strategic value lies in consistently and repeatedly evolving to create valuable stories.

Content teams also face the immediate challenge of managing the tactics of multiple campaigns. These overwhelming elements can include creating editorial calendars, personas, style guides, brand briefs, point-of-views, editing guidelines, submission briefs, keyword lists, maintenance plans, and a myriad other tactics specific to each channel for which content is intended.  The resources to scale are often needed immediately and with little forewarning. It can tax even the largest companies.

Galileo Helps with the Strategy and Tactics of Content

Galileo Creators

They say there are 30 million freelancers in the USA today. But when crunch time comes, how do you know who can do the job? Great content marketing for your organization is more than just good writing - the writers you use need to seamlessly integrate with your team and process.

Vetted and Agency-Caliber Talent

Vetted and agency-caliber talent is trained in client process and made available on-demand for those high-pressure times of need.

Tactical Support

In this day and age, you can't always do all of your own digital marketing. Sometimes you need support for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, and many other digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Experts Support Your Campaigns

Do you need keywords researched for hundreds or thousands of pages of content? Do you need engaging summaries written and promoted on scale for your content? We have the experience and the teams to support your campaigns in many ways.

Ability to Scale

Content needs can expand or contract with little warning. A project sitting in the queue for the entire quarter is put on the front burner as a priority. A blog post goes viral, and there is opportunity to capitalize on the attention.


Brands and agencies are seldom afforded the luxury of a content creation department that scales to fit changing needs.. That’s where Galileo’s team plugs in.

Consumer-Focused Copy

Our attitude towards content marketing is a customer-centric approach – almost down to the one-to-one level. The desired attitude should be “How do I create value with the client?” Not the more traditional “How do I sell at a profit?”

Let Your Website Be Your Customer Service Desk

At Galileo, we believe in earning the customer’s attention by causing user actions where they find your brand in an organic, helpful manner. We answer your customer’s questions. We ease their concerns.

Wise Content – The Future of Content

Good content starts with good creative imagination and skills. So we take care to get the best talent, from copywriters to designers, photographers to videographers. But what makes Wise Content? We combine the knowledge of many disciplines, including inbound marketing, semiotics, behavioral analysis from Big Data, and neuroscience predictive capabilities to create content that is more compelling, converting, and convincing. Whether you need help managing your SEO travel content, researching and reporting on keywords, promoting content through social media channels and events, or sourcing and managing writers and designers, Galileo can help you. Our goal is simple: to turn the curious into customers.

Did you know that there is an 800% elasticity in performance between your best message and your worst message? It is critical to get it right the first time!

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