Web content today is completely different from 10 years ago, even 3 years ago. It’s probably easy for you to remember when stuffing content with keywords to the point of it being nearly unreadable was the norm. That whole tactic lead to a pretty miserable user experience across many websites, even those from top the brands in their industries.

SEO content marketing took a turn for the better when Google decided it would filter out keyword spammers from the SERPs. Readers and buyers now have a more enjoyable way of discovering products and services they need online, thankfully. And, while the SEO content marketing landscape is overall more pleasing, some brands going above and beyond to make the user experience ideal. They’re providing consumers with Wise Content backed by a seamless combination of science and art.

Wise Content is the New SEO Content Marketing

What is Wise Content? It’s carefully researched, created and delivered content that targets buyers motivation, purchasing behaviors and preferences. Wise Content is relevant because it’s driven by big data. And, it’s scalable as well as proven to be efficient and effective over time.

Galileo Tech Media creates Wise Content for brands in travel, real estate and other industries. Our company was founded on the principles of Galileo Galilei who believed in grounding thoughts with scientifically backed intelligence. We approach SEO content marketing with the same philosophy.

For each of our clients, we create targeted, compelling and customer-centric content that easily scales across digital channels. By focusing on data-driven insights to fuel all content we create, the perfect marriage of science and art, our clients more than compete in the fiercely competitive digital landscape. They rise above the rest.

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Data-Driven Actionable Content Draws Success

Because the world of SEO can be cluttered and complex, it’s important that a business owner or marketer choose the best tools and tactics the first time around. Of course, ongoing analytics are essential in content marketing and there’s always room to improve and perfect. But, you want to avoid showing up behind the competition if possible.

Those in charge of a marketing campaign need to know which angles will best persuade prospects to buy or take another course of action. Hard data as part of a Wise Content plan helps illuminate and substantiate key decisions revolving around content.

When approaching SEO content marketing from a Wise Content point of view, you see greater success from your Inbound Marketing efforts. Wise Content helps companies make better organic connections with their customers by:

  • Communicating the company’s tone of voice consistently with each marketing message
  • Attracting the attention of a target audience using emotional trigger words and keywords based on intent
  • Staying true to the facts and the brand, with full transparency in each message
  • Adhering to the latest SEO best practices to drive highly qualified search engine customers into action
  • Aligning branded materials with ever-changing SEO trends and trends in the marketplace
  • Capitalizing on buyers’ real-time motivation, purchasing behavior and preferences

Galileo Tech Media’s Wise Content moves brands far ahead of the curve. We fuel words with science backed by Viewpoint Data and Mind Typing. Each customized and targeted message we create for our clients is a strategic opportunity to build awareness and trust, and push conversions through the roof.

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