Travel agents who want to become experts in a specific travel niche can use the Content Hubs marketing strategy we discussed last week to attract their core customer base, establish brand identity, and make sales. How, specifically? By putting a marketing approach into place that zeros in on target customers and provides exactly the content information needed – thus converting that customer to a sale and hopefully to a client who makes repeated purchases. Content Hubs for travel can be extremely effective, when implemented properly.

Let’s take a look at how a travel agent can apply a Content Hubs strategy build a customer base in a specific niche and convert based on authority.

Focusing on Content Hubs for Travel Strategy

Say a travel agent sells a lot of travel, but wants to specialize in New York City travel. In particular, she wishes to reach out to women desiring to travel solo in New York City. To target her ideal customer, or buyer, our travel agent must devise a content marketing plan that includes content creation focused on “quick-win” tactics as well as long-term strategy – all with the goal of establishing herself as an expert in NYC travel for women traveling solo.

Our agent will laser focus on one content topic at a time as it pertains to women traveling solo in NYC, and she’ll use organized outreach to win in a crowded field. She’ll begin to see conversions happen fast when she performs several “quick win” maneuvers, and then will go on to develop more in depth and numerous Content Hubs to spread herself all over the playing field so that winning all the time is the only option.

Creating Content Hubs for Travel

For our agent that wants to build a business based on NYC travel for women on solo trips, an initial content hub might be a set of content organized around a specific topic like hotels in NYC. This content hub would contain diverse assets in many formats, in many places, created by various people. As marketers, Galileo Tech Media could create a first hub for this agent by using information on hotels in NYC that already exists in the agent’s marketing materials or we could create original content.

We would set up a new page on the agent’s website with a strong URL, such as We would create title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags that use the focus keywords “hotels in New York City” and “hotels in NYC” in addition to keywords “safe hotels in New York City” and “safe hotels in NYC”- which could be pertinent to anyone traveling on their own. Content created to branch out from this topic could include articles (and additional web pages) and social media posts focused on design hotels in NYC, boutique hotels in New York City, and luxury NYC hotels (with associated keywords scattered throughout the content).

Expanding our Content Hubs for Travel Strategy

After our agent has received the “quick wins” she wanted from her hotel content, she’ll draw in more customers and conversions with additional content hubs focusing on topics like tours of NYC for solo women travelers, best places to dine solo in NYC, safe and fun outdoor recreation in New York City, culture in NYC, and how to get around NYC on your own. The amount of topics and content that can be developed regarding traveling solo in New York is immense, and it can potentially offer a solo female traveler all the information she needs to not only have one thrilling and successful trip to New York City but dozens.

The strategy can be replicated over and over, based on the agents’ needs and on any business owner’s needs. The basic structure of the strategy goes like this:

  1. Select a topic.
  2. Think about the questions your buyer personas would have about the topic.
  3. Create content to address these questions.
  4. Target influencers who are relevant to the topic and ask to collaborate.
  5. Enjoy the success of increased sales and positioning as an expert in your niche.
  6. Repeat with new topic ideas, buyer persona analysis, content creation, and sales.

If you want to learn more about how a content hub for travel [or any industry, really] strategy can position you as an expert in a specific niche and bring you increased conversions, content Galileo Tech Media.