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Galileo Tech Media takes inspiration in name, outlook and approach from Galileo Galilei. This Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician was instrumental in paradigm shifts in many facets of science and industry. Our company recognizes and is influenced by his defense of freedom of inquiry. We founded Galileo Tech Media on the same foundations of science, creativity, independence, and freedom. Our intention is to create paradigm shifts for our clients who hire us for SEO Travel Services, Real Estate SEO Services and a range of SEO services. We want our clients to enjoy freedom and prosperity by letting us handle the technical SEO work, and we aim to be a source of freedom and prosperity for the consultants who work with us.

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Scalable Solutions. Undeniable Results.

What Does That Mean for Your Business?

Galileo Tech Media provides top Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and Content Marketing services to the Travel Industry, Multi-Location Businesses (such as Real Estate) and In-House Agencies. We also have multiple partners who use our team as a Private Label resource for SEO Content Marketing. Our core principles of work/life balance and allowing our consultants to do their best work from anywhere in the world let us build an expert team from the ground up. Galileo consultants are the best and brightest talent in the business. From copywriters to keyword researchers, programmers to project managers, strategists and content specialists too. We have a network of the best vetted and trained freelancers working across the globe.

Meaning, if you need to staff up for high-pressure short-notice projects, we have you covered. When you need copywriters for deadlines or intense marketing campaigns – call on us! And if you hire us to manage the project, traffic or even strategy – you can trust our team with the tactics and campaigns that are important to you.

Galileo Tech Media uses a unique and innovative approach to pricing SEO and Content Creation projects. We competitively price all work by the piece instead of by the hour. An expert consultant’s time is invaluable. Simply put, many businesses cannot afford an hour of a top-notch professional’s work. However, when work is priced by the piece, our clients benefit by being able to only purchase the work they need. Pricing by the piece allows us to secure volume discounts from our consultants, which we pass on to you. It gives companies like yours the ability to easily scale up or down based on the work required.

Proud to Provide SEO Services and Content Marketing to These Industries

Travel Industry

Travel companies face strong competition when it comes to catching consumers’ attention and building trust. Galileo’s smart SEO travel services allow our travel clients to make sales.

Multi-Location Businesses

Optimize all branches of your business to rank and increase conversions by hiring Galileo Tech Media, whether you’re a Real Estate Agency, Hotel Chain or other company.

In-House SEO Agencies

Outsource your Search Optimization with Managed SEO Services. Free up time and money to focus on what you do best while we take care of SEO, Keyword Research, Content and more.

Private Label for Agencies

Fully serve your clients without the need to staff SEO experts in house. Galileo is your source of Private Label SEO services that are scalable and fixed-cost for predictable ROI.

Real Estate Industry

Agencies and Brokerages reach their target customers through Real Estate SEO Services from Galileo, which include Keyword Research, Content Creation and Multi-Location SEO.

Meet Our Team

Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroyCEO, CTO, Co-Founder
Joseph Franklyn McElroy is a technology and inbound marketing expert who understands it takes much more than “words” to enhance a brand. It takes wise words, wise content. Joseph possesses the depth that allows him to live and breathe a brand, and realizes the emotional and psychological elements of marketing. Joseph’s experience with big-data tools, inbound marketing strategy and implementation, and all the ins and outs of wise content development have brought him in contact with some of the top brands in the world.
Erin Miller
Erin MillerChief Operations Officer
Erin Miller offers years of experience in hospitality marketing client management to the Galileo Tech Media Team. She’s a savvy professional, and has the unmatched ability to build relationships with clients and vendors and earn their trust. Efficiency is the name of the game, as Erin is able to quickly and thoroughly meet clients’ demands and exceed expectations. Clients interested in website user experience, wise content, and analytics-based decision making will want Erin’s brain in the mix. Erin also manages Galileo’s Charleston, SC office.
Keith Reynolds
Keith ReynoldsSales and Marketing Lead
Leads the planning, development and execution of Galileo’s sales and marketing initiatives;
Keith is responsible for the brand-building, customer engagement, leads and revenue generation efforts at Galileo Tech Media. Bringing a thoughtful strategic background to the mix, Keith collaborates with cross-functional local and national teams to develop and implement marketing strategies dedicated to going above and beyond, in order to ensure client satisfaction.
Michael Zittel
Michael ZittelSenior SEO Consultant
Michael Zittel, a 15 year SEO professional, leads all technical aspects of SEO for Galileo Tech Media and its clients. His breadth of experience and in-depth technical expertise combined with strict adherence to ethical, sustainable SEO propels clients into the top positions of the search engines rapidly. His work dramatically improves clients ROI month after month, year after year.
Torie Ketcham
Torie KetchamWeb Manager and Content Developer
Torie Ketcham has worn quite a few hats in her long career in the online industry; she counts project management and user experience design among her many skills. Her most noteworthy talent, however, is content development; Torie excels at using the written word to capture user attention and facilitate product growth. Blending together intelligent strategy, proven SEO techniques, and an almost obsessive attention to detail, Torie brings Wise Content to life.
John Connolly
John ConnollySEO Specialist
John Connolly possesses comprehensive knowledge of all things SEO and SEM; he focuses on proven, sales-driven keyword strategy, helping clients to identify their strengths and to market to them appropriately. John is also skilled in project and account management, and lends his expertise to competitive analysis, affiliate marketing, and sales management.

What Our Agency-Caliber Consultants Are Saying

“I love working with Galileo. Finding awesome contract work that I can comfortably fit around kids, homeschooling and teaching is not easy…unless it’s a core company value.”

“Many of us struggle to find true work/life balance. Galileo allows me to do my best work – when and where I make it happen is up to me.”

Our Happy Clients