Galileo Tech Media Marketing Lead & New York SEO Consultant, Keith Reynolds, recently attended the “Sales and Marketing Summit 2018 – Sales & Marketing Growth Strategies”and had the opportunity to chat with Ken Kraetzer of Harrison, NY based Ken tracked Keith down to discuss digital publishing, in particular the ways in which digital publishing has changed and the opportunities that exist to reach customers today using SEO. Keith discussed the old-school publishing model, the need for a new model and how Google is facilitating this improved content marketing landscape with transparency regarding its search rankings.

Google has given us all the tools to publish content that gets seen online. With more than half of the world’s population on the Internet as of 2016, online is now the primary way that brands communicate with potential customers and customers. Ken’s interview fodder is fitting for a discussion on marketing strategies that bring in sales today. Given the trend in YouTube video content creation for SEO visibility, it highlights the importance of developing a brand online persona so to speak that infuses personality into content offerings. In this interview, Keith shares Galileo’s unique approach to digital publishing services, which includes freedom for clients to choose the services they want and freedom for the company’s talent to produce quality work from wherever in the world they desire. It’s a new and exciting digital world today. Watch the video to see why.