Online stores have many pages, making eCommerce SEO services different from traditional SEO services. Multiple product descriptions and URLs, duplicate content, and other issues are concerns for eCommerce stores to deliver a superior user experience – and rank higher on the search engines.

Understanding consumer intent and trends mean studying analytics to improve SEO campaigns. Galileo’s professional team recognizes the differences between eCommerce SEO and traditional SEO to harness the power of optimization for your online store. From technical checks to superior content creation, SEO at every level improves your site’s visibility.

Complexity of Keywords

An eCommerce store needs branding and chooses a niche market for its offerings. Keywords must focus on the brand voice, niche demands, and current industry trends. Also, each product requires an optimized description for search engines and consumers to find it. Categories must be well-organized and accessible, with relevant meta descriptions.

Keyword research based on current content performance, business goals, and competitor analysis unearths overlooked SEO opportunities. For example, our study for client Titan Casket showed using the word “coffin” and “casket” would help SEO. Short-tail and long-tail keywords and phrases peppered into content and meta descriptions boost rankings and make it easy for customers to locate solutions.

Technical SEO Audit

With our client Titan Casket in mind, we began with a technical SEO audit. The goal was to find a few quick wins then implementation of strategies for long-term SEO success. The first phase included:

  • Schema audit and optimization
  • Improving site loading speed after the May 2020 Core Algorithm Update
  • Meta title optimization
  • Better optimization of heading tags

For phase two, our additional recommendations included creating a syndication network and citations and maximizing the use of Google My Business (GMB) features. Within three months of our audit and implementation of the recommendations, Titan Casket increased traffic by a whopping 63.6 percent.

eCommerce SEO services

Be On the Scene

An increasing number of shoppers make purchases from mobile devices. Shopping on your smartphone is a time-saving convenience that consumers depend on for everything from necessities to luxury products. A mobile-friendly website on a secure platform is crucial to capture these sales.

Other factors are also essential to understand, such as optimization for voice search. When people ask a virtual assistant for a page, how can you get your products to rank for it? On-page and off-page SEO strategies drive targeted traffic and improve conversions. Professional eCommerce SEO services consider all the latest factors for optimization to make sure you’re on the scene.

Building Business Relationships

Compelling content answers consumers’ questions and provides meaningful solutions. Great content is shareable, making it accessible to a broader audience. Creating robust social media profiles for the business and sharing recent content and products is good for SEO and building business relationships.

Link authority is another way to improve ranking while building business relationships. External links from resources such as directories and Google My Business help consumers find your company based on its niche and offerings. Links from other quality sites act as a vote for your site, improving its overall trustworthiness and rank. Our team reviews your online presence for optimization, branding, and calls to action so you see more conversions.

Become a Trusted Authority

Learning how to leverage content means more people see your products. SEO strategies may include answering questions at Q&A sites, creating informative content hubs, writing guest blog posts, and other tactics to link with consumers and become a trusted authority. A brand providing valuable information and solutions becomes remembered and respected.

Our team uses intelligent keyword research and content creation to leverage Google SERP features, such as snippets and People Also Ask. Appearing in these boxes is a cost-effective way to gain exposure and ranking while more new people see your business.

Optimizing Products for Google and Amazon

One of the most compelling aspects of specific eCommerce SEO services is optimizing products for Google and Amazon. When it comes to optimization, the process is not the same. For example, Amazon focuses on short-tail keywords rather than long-tail ones and prioritizes conversions over clicks.

Understanding these differences is crucial for eCommerce success. Creating unique product descriptions with a similar structure and voice is a challenging process. Our team helps eCommerce businesses leverage their time and efforts to maximize their marketing budget.

With all that goes into creating and developing an eCommerce store, there is little time left to focus on continued SEO. The professionals at Galileo work with your team, providing customized eCommerce SEO services that put you ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more about eCommerce SEO and how it helps online stores achieve or exceed their goals.