In an Internet-driven business world, companies face the challenge of producing quality content regularly to rank well on the search engines. In 2017, about 1.66 billion people around the globe purchased goods online. Learning how to write SEO content requires time, dedication, and expertise. Without it, companies are missing out on potential leads that surf away to the competition. Pipelining is an effective algorithm to ensure companies continually produce relevant content in less time and generate more leads. Discover how to put this concept to work for your business.

The Stairway to Stellar SEO

A technological pipeline approach is crucial to ensure the material performs as intended. Research reveals relevant search influenced 39 percent of purchasers. The steps of SEO content writing are definitive:

  • define the business objectives the content will achieve;
  • conduct SEO keyword research to find short-tail and long-tail terms related to the goals that have adequate volume to attract a target audience;
  • find SEO keywords that have an intent per the objective;
  • research the types and length of content that can compete with the top search results for the selected keywords;
  • create compelling and informative content per the business objectives, keywords, search intent, SEO best practices, industry standards, and brand standards; and
  • review the material with stakeholders to evaluate and launch it properly.

What is Pipelining?

The steps of how to write SEO content often seem steep and daunting. Each one requires different expertise and takes time to complete. Pipelining is an efficiency algorithm used in computer architecture. Galileo Tech Media recognizes its affinity with SEO content production. A process is broken up into equal units of work. Each unit can be started again before the entire process is complete. The various stages are connected, similar to a pipe-like structure. The pipelining method increases the speed of the content writing process. Consider the assembly-line approach used by manufacturers. Each team member is well-trained to perform a specific job. When all the pieces come together, the product is produced quickly and seamlessly.

How Does Pipelining Work for Creating SEO Content?

Each of the above steps is a unit of work. These various units are executed by different professionals including keyword researchers, content writers, programmers, and project managers. The results are passed on to another professional to complete the next unit. As a result, many pieces of SEO contact are started simultaneously with consistent quality and timely delivery. External agencies or internal corporate agency staff are easily integrated into this pipeline approach, and the results are impressive. Our small team produced more than 20,000 pieces of actionable SEO content for one Fortune 500 client in one year.

The Expanding Role of Keyword Scientists

The content development process begins with intelligent keyword research. Choosing high-volume keywords is no longer the key to SEO success. Using this approach could mean getting lost in the ongoing din of the competitive online shuffle. Modern keyword research involves much more than checking out some Google Analytics results. Skilled keyword scientists conduct detailed research to find specific terms that resonate with the target audience. Traffic volume, the level of competition, and contextual qualifiers are all reviewed carefully. The savvy combination of short-tail and long-tail keyword terms is crucial to crawl up the rankings of the search engines.

The Mission of Qualified SEO Copywriters

The next step is getting competent, agency-caliber SEO copywriters to craft unique content. Qualified SEO copywriters carefully review the business objectives, chosen keywords, and topic to develop an interesting piece. The natural integration of the selected keywords produces demand-generation content that appeals to the designated target audience. The pipelining process improves the overall management of keyword selection and integration of their terms into the unique material. Experienced professionals also know how to scale web content both locally and globally to broaden its breadth. Talented copywriters conduct research to cover a wide variety of topics. Some of the pieces will be based on time-sensitive topics that are trending right now. Others will be evergreen articles that continuously appeal to the target audience.

The Site Where Content Appears and Programmers

Wise content is only part of the overall program for SEO success. Content is only as good as the site where it appears. Sites must be optimized, mobile-friendly, and visually appealing to the target audience. The online climate and protocols are constantly evolving, and programmers focus on keeping up with these changes. Programmers know the behind-the-scenes language. They recognize the value of necessary website improvements, such as updating metadata and verifying site speed and accuracy are on-point. While keyword researchers and copywriters are working on their units, the programmers are analyzing the business website to make it more appealing to search engines and real-life visitors. Also, programmers work on cutting-edge strategies, such as web app development, to keep companies relevant competitive in a technology-driven world.

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The Value of Project Managers – Bringing It All Together

A project manager brings all the team members together to maintain optimum organization every step of the way. The project manager vets freelancers, communicates with stakeholders and team members, and ensures the project is on-time and on-budget at all times. Using a virtual infrastructure keeps overhead low. Having the project management layer also insulates companies from personnel changes. A team of diverse professionals is ready to take on all types of projects. The project manager is an articulate liaison between all parties, providing the necessary feedback and resources to exceed a client’s expectations.

A System of Checks and Balances

Pipelining creates an unsurpassed system of checks and balances. Each team member has a specific area of expertise. Everyone understands the scope of the project as a whole. If there are any gaps, they are noticed before finalizing the content. This was evidenced when one of our clients recently gave us an award for being the “Swiss Army Knife Partner.” They could always rely on our team’s pipeline approach to fix the gaps in their processes and deliver the instant services required to fulfill time-sensitive needs. From creating a realistic editorial calendar to developing customer personas, the team works to plug in the holes that occur during project development and execution.

Time is Money and SEO Ranking

Imagine the time it would take for one or two people to perform all the duties outlined above. It could take days to complete a single piece of content. Instead of churning out top-notch SEO content, a business will be trickling out it. In the meantime, the competitors will continue the race to reach the first page of Google as the average traffic share for companies on the first page is 91.5 percent. Slow and steady only wins the competition between the turtle and the hare. In the online business world, continuous SEO efforts are crucial to keep crawling toward the top. It takes weeks or months to achieve improved rankings. Any slowdowns lengthen this period, which means lost leads and revenue. Pipelining makes it possible to produce useful content in days rather than weeks. A higher ranking and more targeted traffic boosts lead generation and helps increase profits.

Tackling Multi-Content Needs With Ease

One of the most significant obstacle companies and marketing teams face is producing web content for multiple reasons. Many companies have numerous products, services, locations, and lines of business. Some also have numerous websites. Issues arise about workload, communication, and the quality of information in the content. Each channel has specific needs. Finding the right solutions makes it simple to execute the process over and again. And hiring more people is not the answer. Identifying demand and coinciding the hiring headcount is nearly impossible. The result is too many or too few professionals to execute the work. An agency focused on the pipelining approach has all the human resources required on-call.

The Goals of Quality Content Writing

Outstanding copywriting requires more effort than basic research and writing. Content writers focus on clear goals to ensure the copywriting delivers the desired effect, including:

  • positive brand recognition to make a company more recognizable and memorable;
  • consistent voice and approach across all published channels to reinforce the branding efforts;
  • a measurable increase in customer engagement metrics including conversions, purchase, and subscription, based on the company’s plan;
  • increase website and social media growth;
  • improve conversion metrics;
  • establish a positive and interactive presence on social media;
  • encourage positive customer     feedback, including survey data and reviews;
  • increase search engine keyword rankings;
  • nurture and encourage leads by defining content distribution during stages of the buying cycle; and
  • use content analysis to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and deploy content assets to boost conversion rates.

Common Challenges to Overcome

Company owners, managers, and stakeholders face common challenges during the content production process. Paying for managed pipeline services is a way to overcome typical obstacles, such as:

  • sourcing talented freelancers, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive;
  • staying within a designated marketing budget while achieving pre-determined milestones;
  • optimal use of available technologies and process to minimize administrative tasks and focus on business-growing projects instead;
  • maintaining confidentiality while working with freelancers and outsourcing agencies;
  • developing a diverse talent pool with well-aligned skill sets for a wide range of     initiatives; and
  • supporting tactical processes for freelancer management including delivery dates, invoicing, and payments.

Insulation from Personnel Changes

When a key employee leaves for any reason, the company faces with the challenge of finding someone to fill his or her shoes. Finding talented personnel, interviewing people, and offering a competitive compensation package add up to significant time and expense. Managed services insulate companies from personnel changes. Establishing a pipeline requires continued access to all type of talent. As a result, there is always a team of professionals instantly available to tackle any project. Inbound marketing and content production times vary. During crunch times or when additional personnel is required, a managed service is there when a company needs top talent. There’s no such thing as waiting for someone to return from vacation or sick leave. And there is no need to retrain a consultant due to a personnel change.

Facing Off With Fluctuating Staff Needs

From company budget constraints to seasonal campaigns, businesses deal with fluctuating staff needs. Consider the monetary and time costs of hiring, laying off, and letting go of employees. Businesses that have varying requirements are embracing the current growing gig economy. Companies are tallying up the costs of hiring personnel, including workers compensation and benefits, which make up over 31 percent of a typical employee’s compensation package. Since many freelancers work from home, they are more cost-effective because they are not covering typical business expenses such as transportation to work and babysitting services. A managed pipeline service already has a team of tried-and-true freelance professionals who are trained and ready to handle a full range of services on an as-needed basis.

Solving Tough Tactical Obstacles

The majority of companies have already devised a strategic approach to success. The most significant issue is finding viable methods to execute this strategy and get measurable results. Self-perceived “marketing experts” solicit companies with lofty promises but no definitive way to fulfill them. Galileo Tech Media solves tough tactical challenges that strategic-minded agency people are too delicate to execute. Our pipeline approach puts hard-working professionals to work for a company to tactically brings its strategies to life and achieve measurable results for B2B and B2C businesses. Studies show 45 percent of companies state content marketing is highly integrated with their current SEO strategies. It’s time to get on board.

Pipelining turns formerly bumpy SEO content production processes into a well-oiled machine to improve a company’s online presence. Instead of agonizing, businesses realize the advantages of working with a tactical team with the expertise to execute your strategic plans. Contact Galileo Tech Media to find out more about the benefits of pipelining, and how to put this approach to work to give your business the exposure it deserves. We know how to write SEO content that grabs your target audience and keeps it coming back for more.