In the most recent installment of the Galileo Tech Media blog, we discussed ways to kickstart your company’s Inbound Marketing campaign internally. We broke it down into two main steps: Generate New Content and Share That Content.

We provided a couple of steps to generate the new content. Think: blogging, guest blogging, publicizing reviews [and the responses to reviews] of your brand. We also recommended you check out this amazing resource, 100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas.

Here’s another great post with 50 Content Marketing Ideas.

Maybe we really can’t say enough about generating new content. Departments are struggling to keeping up with the demand for quality, WISE CONTENT. Without the ability to scale, you’re often left having to outsource internally. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Here are a few more ideas to OBTAIN quality content from within. As in, not write it yourself, but glean it from those around you.

  • Outsource your content. Of course, this is what Galileo does. We create WISE content for brands, and are happy to do so for you. But you can also outsource your content creation internally.
    • Create a quick Google Doc filled with ideas for new content. Use the PDF we referenced above, or even hold an internal brainstorm. Include any requirements for the copy [length, audience, deadlines, etc.], and then circulate the Google Doc to your colleagues. You may be surprised to learn just who is more than happy to get creative with a blog post.
  • Start a discussion with your audience. Use your social media platforms to give them a chance to sound off. If you can set the stage with a topical and timely question, your audience will do the rest. Pay close attention, comment when appropriate, and jot down any new blog post ideas that pop up.
  • Get visual! Instead of writing a blog post or article about a topic, talk about it and create a video post [also called vlog]. Or find a colleague willing to talk about it on camera, and conduct a quick interview. Keep it short and well lit. Stick to a script or conversation outline, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

It can be quick and easy to create content. But Wise Content requires focus, research, analysis, and diligence. So many organizations try to outsource this task within – by scattering the content assignments across the department. Sometimes this works well. When it doesn’t, contact us!

Galileo Tech Media hopes these tips mean the Inbound Marketing Strategy remains a strategy, and not just a task to be checked of the list.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]