Digital services as we knew them are over. Digital marketing agencies are struggling with a new reality where tactical and execution work has become commoditized. Much of digital work is now performed in-house as teams can easily tend to traditional agency tasks like building websites and creating ads. It’s getting harder for the agency as we knew it to build a brand and make money in today’s digital landscape. The market is saturated and it’s seeing encroachment from management consultancies looking to broaden their services reach. The in-house marketing vs agency debate is alive and well, and Galileo Tech Media is following this trend closely.

Despite the fact that agency revenue growth was only 1.8% last year, the slowest since post-recession in 2010, there is great success to be had. While in-house agencies and market flood may have taken some tools off the selling table, digital networks or consultancies offering strategic services are still needed. Strategy in the digital sphere is a skill that is not easily implemented. Marketers who “fold in” select services based on strategically elevating the customer experience will be those meeting the demands of the future.

Take a look at what Digiday has to say about the in-house marketing vs agency debate, and the struggle facing digital agencies in this new market reality.