Social Media can be a great PR tool and a superb avenue for boosting SEO. But, it can be taken to a whole new level. Hiring influencers to share your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels allows you to skyrocket your publicity and amp up off-the-page optimization for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Key influencers can increase your company’s reach on social networks you’re targeting and have a positive effect across online marketing efforts.

Off-the-page SEO, as it relates to social marketing tactics, is defined by the number of shares you receive and the purchasing influence of the person who shares your content.

Identifying the key influencers in your industry and for your marketing strategy, and getting those influencers to share content you want them to share, is an overlooked part of successful inbound marketing campaigns.

Don’t be one of the businesses passing up this goldmine of an opportunity.

How to Choose Influencers for your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Finding authoritative and relevant influencers is an important aspect of influencer marketing campaigns. The influencers you choose should be able to reach your brand’s target audience, meaning they should already be engaging with them.

The right influencers are valuable SEO assets. Key metrics you should be checking when vetting influencers include:

  • Domain authority
  • Number of unique visitors per day, week and month
  • Number of social media followers
  • Engagement per post
  • Audience demographics, including age, gender and location

It’s important to zero in on the people who are activity talking with and influencing your target buyers. The best influencer for your brand and campaign might not be the biggest personality in your niche, however.

Remember to consider your specific marketing goals, budget and likelihood of creating a win-win partnership when you begin your search for influencers.

Start out by identifying at least 10, and preferably 20, potential influencers.

Provide Engaging Content

After you’ve found the perfect influencers to share your brand and business, you need to guide them as they create engaging content for your influencer marketing campaigns. Great content that’s share worthy will be relevant to your company, products, services and goals. And, it’ll be content that your target audience expects your influencer to provide.

Most influencers will prefer to create their own content, following the guidelines and brand voice specifics you provide to them. Most prefer not to simply take and report content you create for them.

Focus on trusting the influencer to provide value for your campaign instead of trying to sell your product or service. They know their audience’s expectations, and the campaign will be most successful when the influencer is allowed to be creative and use their own voice.

Using Hashtags with Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Research will reveal which hashtags your target buyers are using. You should choose the hashtags for your marketing campaign that are relevant to your company, brand and offerings. Then incorporate these hashtags into your influencers’ content.

It’s a good idea to also create new hashtags for your influencer to use in your shared content. Keep these hashtags similar to those already being used, in terms of topic of discussion and trends. But, find creative ways to work your company name and tagline in if you can.

Or, come up with intriguing hashtags that don’t specifically call out your brand, but are instead on point and reflective of who you are as a unique company.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before setting up your influencer marketing campaigns, you’ll need to make sure you’ve:

  • Identified your target audience
  • Established your budget
  • Set key performance indicators

Setting key performance indicators is essential. After you’ve kicked off your influencer marketing campaigns, you’ll need to measure audience reach, impressions and other data points against where you were before you started. You have to make sure your efforts are helping your social channels and website get more views, impressions, click-throughs, followers and sales.

To find out how you can structure an SEO campaign that includes many facets including influencer marketing, to broaden your reach online, contact Galileo Tech Media.