Galileo Tech Media understands the need to target customers in specific areas. In fact, that’s what we were created to do. We know businesses want to target customers here in NYC. You need Wise Technology to do so effectively.

What is Geo-Targeting?

A business that needs to focus its content locally can differentiate content by targeting visitor by location. Geo-targeting for New York City would focus content for users in that area of the country. It would appeal to people living and working in that region over others, and provide direct marketing and advertising to that specific person based on their location. Large corporations do it on their websites by using an automated locator to detect the location of the user and give them content based on the city or state. Wise Technology meets Wise Content!

We also call this strategy Hyperlocalization, which refers to an extreme granularity in targeting your audience. Consider a family of 4 traveling to NYC – they are likely looking for a hotel near the Empire State Building or other tourist hot spots. A hipster couple may be looking for a low-key vacation, and target a hotel near their favorite bar or restaurant. Incorporating neighborhood keywords and phrases into your content allows you to narrow that focus even further, ultimately increasing conversion.

Take a look at a few strategies to optimize your content

[and thus zero in on your target audience here in NYC] by geo-targeting through Wise Media [both paid and social].

Publishing Networks

Businesses can drive quality traffic back to their website with the use of publishing networks for optimized content marketing. You’ll pay a certain amount for each click that the network sends in your website’s direction. The business sets its budget, and sites like Outbrain provide traffic up to that amount per day. It’s great for startups and small businesses that don’t have a lot of money to spend on content marketing campaigns.


Like publishing networks, Google gives you the ability to pay for advertisements based on whether the consumer clicks through to your page. You can also pay for advertisements for certain keywords that will bring your content to the top of the search engine page. Organic results come from an SEO marketing campaign where you use keywords and linking strategies to gather traffic without paying for it.

Social Media

A popular way to use optimized content marketing is through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Sites like Facebook can help you develop geotagging among your fans that will allow them to check in with their location to build traffic and a sense of community. When using social media platforms, each platform should have its own optimized content based on the platform. The content should be optimized for keywords that will drive traffic and help engage your audience.

Influencer Outreach

Part of a successful SEO strategy for optimized content marketing can involve guest posting on popular blogs with an audience and focus similar to your brand’s. If you are a business that sells kitchenware, you might want to guest post on a food or cooking blog where your audience is gathering. Or offer to send them samples of your product in hopes that they will use the product and help promote it. You can also pay for advertising on these blogs by contacting the owner to sponsor content or place a banner advertisement.

Final Words

Geo-targeting allows you to cast a narrower net on the audience you’re trying to reach. This may mean less overall traffic growth, but the growth you do see will be from the right people.