In a recent “Beers with Max” podcast interview with Max Traylor, Galileo Tech Media CEO Joseph McElroy discusses the benefits of outsourcing SEO and content marketing, the decline of the traditional agency model, and the work Galileo does to help companies understand their SEO needs so they can put internal forces to work.

McElroy explains to Traylor that Galileo Tech Media was founded on freedom—the freedom to escape the confines of a traditional office, to enjoy the work you do, and, ultimately, to allow a flexible workforce the opportunity to work for an innovative company at their own pace, all the while doing important work. For McElroy and his team of freelancers, Galileo represents a truly unique working relationship, in which deeply qualified individuals can take on projects by the piece and provide clients with highly specialized results tailor-made for their needs.

For clients, the benefits of outsourcing their SEO needs to a company like Galileo are multifold. First and foremost, it’s completely possible to scale up or down as the needs of a client grow and change over time. McElroy’s network of freelancers is able to take on more or less work as suits the client, and the team is large enough that there’s always a qualified worker to take on a project.

That said, it’s not a loosely linked group of unfamiliar workers. The Galileo team works together daily, on a variety of projects, and have a similar relationship to any group of co-workers in any traditional office. By working when and where they choose, however, these freelancers provide a superior work product that can help clients to a greater extent. That’s what freedom can buy.

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In addition, clients of Galileo Tech Media benefit from having true experts in the SEO field take a look at their current processes and make recommendations about how they can proceed. McElroy explains to Traylor that his focus is helping clients understand what needs to be done to elevate their SEO status and teaching them how to accomplish it themselves. In this way, they can be active partners in the process and won’t always rely on someone else to develop their strategy. They know their own business best, and can apply internal creativity and institutional knowledge to their SEO strategy. McElroy’s team is right behind them, offering suggestions and taking care of support projects, like SEO-rich blogs, social media, technical SEO website audits, and other elements of a thorough and effective content plan.

Agencies know their own content better than anyone else, McElroy explains to Traylor. It’s what they do on a daily basis and is essentially their intellectual property. They need to apply this knowledge to their website and social media presence to ensure higher rankings and accuracy of portrayal in the online space. Internal strategy can then be easily outsourced to a team like Galileo Tech Media, who can take the basics and run with it, scaling up or down as necessary to create an efficient and highly successful SEO and content strategy.

By outsourcing needs like this, companies don’t have to assume the risk internally of hiring highly specialized SEO and content strategists who have no upward mobility to space to grow. Doing so, McElroy explains, tends to lead to employee attrition. After all, those who are talented in these areas will find somewhere else to go when their company can’t provide them the change to blossom in their careers. A retailer making ties can only offer so much to a content manager.

That’s where Galileo Tech Media plays a vital role in the larger scope of content strategy. By employing only freelancers, the company is able to assume all of the risk on behalf of its clients. Since they have plenty of clients and lots of work to go around, though, this risk is a calculated one that typically pays off in dividends. There’s always something for its freelancers to do. If a particular client needs to scale back for a while, Galileo almost certainly has something else for those workers to do. This is one of the major benefits of outsourcing SEO and content tactics.

McElroy further explains that part of the beauty of a network of skilled freelancers is that strategists can help companies develop the plan they will then execute internally. Say a business needs to know more about its target audience. Galileo Tech Media can help them to fill in the  blanks of that nature. Then, armed with that information, the company can apply it to their overall strategy, which is richer because of the greater institutional knowledge they possess in-house. This is another benefit of outsourcing—the internal folks can do what they do best, with guidance from the consultants skilled in the area of their greatest need.

McElroy believes whole-heartedly in educating clients on what they need, helping them to own their strategy, and then stepping back and using Galileo’s freelancers to execute the tactical minutiae of the projects. Furthermore, he understands the increasing importance of branding in an increasingly intelligent online world, filled with complicated algorithms that see through thinly veiled black hat efforts. As such, McElroy helps clients to master SEO with up-to-the-minute strategies that they can employ themselves.

Galileo Tech Media is also there to help clients evolve their strategy as algorithms and needs change. This is another major benefit to outsourcing to a company like this, McElroy explains. With SEO and content strategists who are working in the thick of industry changes at all times, the firm is extremely adept at helping clients to pivot as needed and adapt to evolution over time.

With 30 million freelancers (and growing) in the United States, companies like Galileo Tech Media are only going to become more familiar in the business landscape over time. McElroy’s network of freelancers offers a reliable, scalable, and superior business model that offers its clients a variety of benefits that are largely impossible without outsourcing.