Trying to sell SEO services to your agency’s clients may be a bit tricky. In addition, you might not have the staff in-house to sell SEO at the right time and the right way. Alternatively, your client might not see the value in your search. While you know that your clients need a solid SEO strategy (and they may even agree on some level), they may not have the time to consider the massive impact SEO can have on their business, or they might have been burned in the past.

Why Clients Don’t Buy SEO

Here’s how to educate your clients when they are skeptical about SEO, and how a skilled SEO services firm like Galileo Tech Media can help you to do so.

Clients are Overwhelmed

There’s no question that, when properly applied, SEO tactics can elevate a company’s visibility online and have a direct, measurable impact on sales. Algorithms are complicated and ever-changing, making it difficult for business owners to fully grasp the true importance of a thorough search strategy.

Clients May Have Been Burned Before

There are a number of black hat SEO tactics out there that your clients may have fallen victim to in the past. Other agencies who tried to sell them on search services of various kinds might have performed only minimal work and produced no actionable results. Still another concern is a history with an inflexible firm who required large retainers or costly monthly payments, regardless of the work that was being performed and in spite of the client’s needs to scale up or down. These are real concerns, and it can be hard to help a client see beyond this sort of history.

Clients May Be Undereducated about SEO Benefits

Alternatively, your clients might just not understand SEO or why it matters. It’s essential that you help your customers to see its significance, which can be achieved in a variety of ways. For starters, you can ask your customers to tell you more about what they do, who their target market is, and what challenges they face. Armed with this information, you may be better able to impress upon them the ways in which optimizing their web presence could help grow their business.

How to Sell Clients on SEO’s Value

To sell your clients on the value of SEO, it’s imperative that you are able to effectively make them understand, in basic terms, why it matters. By educating them on how search works, you might be able to convince them that they need to put it to work for them. Show them trends in search algorithms over time to emphasize how frequently things change and why they need a skilled SEO specialist on their team. Pull keywords that rank for their industry and outline how their competitors who rank well are using those keywords to their benefit.

In other words, you will need to communicate the incredible value of the SEO services you are proposing, all while speaking the client’s language and putting it in terms that they will understand. This can be achieved to great effect by using a Value Proposition statement.

How to sell SEO Services

Value Proposition Statements

Through a value proposition statement, you may have success selling your clients on the power of optimization by getting to the heart of why it matters from an emotional perspective. You’ll want to outline the confidence clients have in you and your services, and how they can set aside the fear that things will go south and not be worth their while. In addition, you can illustrate how outsourcing SEO needs to a specialist can offer your clients the freedom to focus on what matters most—taking care of the business they know how to do best.

Outsource to a Specialist

By outsourcing your clients’ SEO work to a firm that specializes in SEO work itself, you can streamline your processes and sell your customers on the idea that their SEO strategy will be executed properly by a team of experts. At Galileo Tech Media, we can help you to showcase the importance of these services and convince your clients that they will benefit. We are able to help you create a Value Proposition and can guide your team when it comes to weaving SEO services into your suite of offerings.

By providing another valuable service to your clients, you can take pride in your ability to further serve their needs and take confidence in partnering with a company that knows the right tactics. We want to see both you and your clients succeed, which makes us a great partner when it comes to SEO.

We are confident that our SEO services will be a wise investment for your team, because the ratio of our value to our price is excellent, and we can offer a scalable solution that grows or shrinks as you need—no unwieldy retainers here. We offer the security of an ongoing relationship that you control, and we are truly invested in the outcome.

If you need more ideas for convincing your clients to take the leap and invest in an SEO strategy, consider this: 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results, and 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results. Even more importantly, 30% of all mobile searches are related to location, and “near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years. There’s no excuse not to have a thorough SEO approach, and it’s only becoming increasingly important (and complex) as time goes on. Let us know how we can help!