Google has written extensively about its findings that hotels can increase sales and gain more loyal customers by “being there” and “being useful” during micro-moments, which are thousands of moments that make up stages in a traveler’s journey from thinking about a trip to taking one. As a Charleston hotel, you have an especially rich opportunity to catch travelers in these various micro-moments and position yourself as the one hotel that will make their business or leisure trips perfect. You can use local Charleston Travel SEO strategies to show up in front of travelers when they’re searching for a destination, looking for the right hotel near top attractions, or researching where the best places to eat and shop are in a city and what hotels are by them. And, you can put local SEO strategies into place that make your hotel the best source of information about touring Charleston.

Mobile usage is on the rise and mobile web searches are growing at a rate that only hammers in the fact that all website should be focusing local search. Did you know that 70% of all search is local in nature and that data marketing is greatly increasing its focus on geo-local audiences? This means that to compete as a hotel in Charleston, or any business in Charleston, you should be using local and hyper-local marketing strategies to connect with guests that are specifically looking for a hotel like yours in your precise location.

Amp Up Local Charleston Travel SEO to Fill Guest Rooms

Charleston hotels have many unique and amazing attractions nearby that a guest would find desirable, and several of them are probably within seconds or minutes of your hotel. This gives you loads of great content that you can use on your website pages to highlight your location and build desirability for your hotel. As travelers plan their trips to Charleston, they want to know which hotels are near top attractions, close to good restaurants, and in proximity to relaxing natural areas. Focus your content on giving travelers the local knowledge they want, and show them how much they can enjoy local sights while staying at your hotel, and you’ll come out ahead of the competition.

Think for a minute about the attractions, activities, restaurants, shops, and services that are within walking distance of your hotel. Doesn’t your geo-specific place, in relation to these locales, make your hotel different from the rest? What if you created content on your website – perhaps in the form of a visitors’ guide or regular blog post series – that amplified your relation to these locales? How might your hotel stand apart from the others – and appear to be the best hotel to stay at – if you focused your content on the highlights of Charleston that were in your immediate area?

Here’s what you can do precisely to implement local and hyper-local Charleston Travel SEO strategies for your hotel and to fill more rooms.

Create a Charleston Attractions Page on Your Website

In order for travelers to perceive your hotel as the most desirable hotel in Charleston (and in your specific neighborhood, because you’re going to want to implement a hyper-local strategy), you need to create content on your website that distinguishes you from other hotels in your city and neighborhood. You can create an attractions page on your site, as part of a comprehensive visitors’ guide with shopping and dining resources, that includes a list of the top attractions near you and their distance from your hotel.

Choose the attractions that are the closest to you, but keep in mind that you will want to list popular attractions travelers actually want to visit. For each attraction, develop a small article that talks about the history of the attraction, why it’s popular, and how easy it is to get to from your hotel. Some of the hotspots in Charleston that you might want to list and describe include:

It’s a great idea to have a main “attractions” page on your site that gives a brief summary of the top attractions near your hotel, and then you can dedicate a separate web page to each attraction and that’s where you’ll place your short article. All of this content you’re creating should include keywords that travelers will likely be searching for as they look for hotels near top things to do in Charleston pre-trip, and as they search for fun activities while they’re staying with you. In addition to strategizing on how you’ll show up in front of travelers when they’re choosing their Charleston hotel (earning bookings), you’ll create value and build loyalty (repeat bookings) if you help your guests navigate their way around Charleston and have successful trips while staying with you.

It can be time consuming to create a comprehensive local and hyper-local Charleston Travel SEO campaign. That’s why Galileo Tech Media helps Charleston hotels create local and hyper-local content that allows penetration into a competitive travel market.