Content marketing plays a critical role in setting travel brands apart from competitors. In an industry overflowing with traditional travel agencies, OTAs, hoteliers, alternative accommodation providers like Airbnb and new types of companies offering all kinds of tourism services, content marketing for travel is one of the best ways to show consumers you’re the one who can meet their unique needs.

The internet has certainly transformed the travel business. Gone are the days when travel buyers had just a couple of outlets available for researching vacations and booking business trips. Today, anyone can go online and plan – and book – their ideal getaway.

Along with the freedom to reserve their own cars, hotels, flights and tours, travelers also now have access to hundreds – if not thousands – of companies providing various sorts of travel. While the thought of competing as a travel brand in this space can be overwhelming, it should be mostly exciting.

The current state of the travel industry and the world of the Internet affords the travel brand a perfect opportunity to shine. To tell its story and makes it case for being the ideal brand to book with.

Why should a traveler choose you? What do you offer in terms of service and services? What will a guest feel walking into your accommodation or spending a week there? How will a need for escape by satisfied at your resort or bed and breakfast?

You get the picture.

Even though there are an enormous amount of ways to book travel online, travelers are looking for the perfect solution and experience. Your content can provide them with what they desire – or lead them down a carefully curated path to the best trip in the world.

Easy to Book But Hard to Break Through the Noise

In addition to the ease of acquiring bookings online today, the Internet has provided travel companies with a great way market themselves to their ideal consumers. Content marketing for travel gives brands a tool to break through the noise and be more than just another business holding their hands out for booking dollars.

Travel buyers know that there more than enough ways to arrange and pay for travel. As simple as it is to choose a provider, though, they’re looking for more. Inspiration, education, trust and a unique travel experiences are just a handful of the desires buyers have that you can discuss through your content.

Travelers want to explore destinations, learn about cities, find memorable activities in a certain locale and look for simple ways to make their travel dreams come true. You can  lead them to what they need through your content.

As travel buyers go through the different micro-moments that Google says all travelers touch on from planning to booking (and rebooking), your brand can be a guide from start to finish.

Through social media posts and guest articles, but especially via blog posts on your own website, you can curate content to speak directly to your target customers’ ideal travel experience.

content marketing for travel

Leading Your Buyer Through Micro-Moments with Content Marketing for Travel

Intentionally and with authority, you can use content to lead your buyers toward the realization that your company provides exactly what they require for their perfect business or leisure trip.

Blog posts are especially perfect for letting your travel company’s personality (unique offerings) shine through. Is your brand playful and edgy, upscale and exclusive? Do you offer a customized travel encounter or connect consumers with authentic local activities?

The travel industry and marketing itself are currently in the throws of various trends. Experience travel and image-driven inspiration on Instagram are just a couple of examples. But, just as all trends come and go, there are typically constants within an industry that we can count on.

In travel and other fields, the constant is the love of a good story. For travel in particular, consumers want to know how they’ll feel in a certain place and how their lives will be better after having been there. They’re eager to learn about new surroundings and people. Travelers look for ways they can make a difference and find meaning in their lives.

Content marketing for travel – in particular blog posts that dive deep into a locale, culture or special aspect of travel like sustainable or adventure travel – is a travel brand’s chance to tell a story that matches offerings with meaning.

Building Trust and Authority

Content marketing for travel has helped many travel businesses show how they can uniquely meet the emotional, physical, spiritual or other types of needs that travelers have. Travel buyers have numerous choices for booking, but they’ll likely only be completely satisfied with a select few companies and offerings.

Through blog posts, travel brands can build authority, optimize for local SEO, earn loyalty and achieve record sales and ROI in many avenues. Content is king for a reason.

Getting There is Half the Fun

The great thing about content is that it can speak to travelers in every micro-moment, including in the dreaming stages where “getting there is half the fun.” Today’s dreamers might not be tomorrow’s travelers, but they could be your guests a year or even 6 months from now – if you begin treating every pre-travel wish your target buyers have as a critical component of your content.

Let’s Live Like a Local

Travelers to cities all over the world love to experiences places like locals. Through blog posts that revolve around local chefs, esteemed art galleries, monthly or annual events and other destination/time-specific topics, you can introduce your customers to the best of your destination in an authoritative and memorable way.

Providing a Differentiated Experience

The wealth of areas where we can find travel content online makes it somewhat difficult to stand out, but it in turn offers the chance for your brand to show its strengths. It seems like anyone and everyone is a travel expert or influencer these days. Despite this crowded field, however, consumers respond to very specific situations (calls to action) and not all brands address them.

The travel companies who successfully take buyers from those dreaming stages to the moment when they’re clicking the “book now” button are those that know how to break through the noise. They’re the ones who use their content to provide a differentiated online experience where every micro-moment has been thought of and addressed for the target consumer.

Through well-planned and in-depth content that’s also image and story driven – as well as consistent and comprehensive – travel companies can gain ground and even excel in a flooded sphere.

Tips for Travel Content Marketing

There are certainly many ways you can go about marketing your travel brand through content. Looking at just blog posts as an example, the myriad of ways you can touch consumers along all points of the buyer’s journey include:

  • Inspiration and visualization – Consumers want to be inspired, informed and entertained
  • Lead the way to an adventure – Content can help facilitate smooth adventure travel experience
  • Preparation is worth more than a cure – Blog posts may offer preventative advice in an unpredictable industry (think weather and other typical travel mishaps)

Contact Galileo Tech Media to find out more reasons why content matters to the travel industry and how you can rise from the sea of sameness.