Marketing today is all about digital content. Without valuable and quality content on a website, blog, social media post or email newsletter, a brand can’t gain and hold the attention of a consumer.

Drawing and maintaining attention online matters, especially given the fact that buyers now spend more than 5 hours per day on the smartphones.

Businesses simply can’t afford to ignore online content or skimp on it.

But, how do you address content demands if you don’t have the team to produce in a landscape where 52% of all online traffic is generated via mobile?

You outsource content marketing.

Outsourced content marketing is a solid and smart solution for companies, even in-house content teams, who need to keep up with what our markets now demand but lack the resources to do so.

It’s a viable and beneficial way to make sure you produce content that’s driven by data (content must be backed by research into consumers’ wants and needs) and that engages along all points on the customer journey (think consistent content, not whenever-I-feel-like-creating content).

If you want to reach a lot of consumers and be there exactly where they’re looking – everytime they go online – your content effort has to be huge.

It has to be massive and comprehensive.

“Go big or go home” is not an exaggeration when it comes to the mindset needed to complete with the top brands in our markets today.

Let’s face it, the big players have extraordinary budgets to build large and all-inclusive online strategies (this is not to say that even those brands do everything themselves, however).

Large or small, all companies looking to be seen online need to think big when it comes to producing content. And, targeting buyers in as many channels as possible.

A one-person team is definitely challenged to handle all that’s needed for an effective content marketing campaign. Larger teams and agencies are even finding that outsourcing their content makes more sense in today’s climate where so many skills, bits of knowledge and tactics must come together to reach and engage.

An effective content marketing campaign needs to include people who act as researcher, creator, editor and director. It has to have curators and managers. Visualizers and producers. Content marketing is part writing and a lot optimization. It’s analyzing, listening and setting benchmarks for progress.

Can your current team take on all of these roles? If not, it’s okay. That’s what makes outsourcing so valuable.

outsource content marketing

Making the Decision to Outsource Content Marketing

Plenty of content marketing teams and agencies are outsourcing to take advantage of talent outside of their companies. While outsourcing may make sense for you in terms of budget or staff, you might be wondering how you can ensure high quality.

Outsourced content and contractors certainly must be thoroughly vetted. The entire process is made easier, though, when you begin with clear-cut needs and a plan for your extended team.

Knowing What You Need

Before you start looking for researchers and creators to outsource your content to, you have to know precisely what you need these contractors to do. This means you must create a content strategy first and then assess what skills your current team already has. Or, which tasks you’d rather keep in-house as opposed to assigning to a consultant.

After you identify your gaps or possibly just content marketing tactics you’d like to enlist to someone else (so you can focus on your area of expertise), you’re ready to go forward with selecting outside talent.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely need keyword research, website content creation, blog post writing, social media management, video creation, editing and data analysis.

Choosing a Contractor

There will be some questions you’ll have to ask yourself when thinking about who to outsource content marketing to.

Do you want to look for separate freelancers for each of the content marketing areas you need serviced? How will you maintain brand consistency and ease of operations if you hire 5 to 10 different people to take over various parts of your campaign? What will you do about pricing?

One solution that many brands find ideal is to contract with a content marketing network like Galileo Tech Media.

When you contract with a network, you get to work with a team of marketing professionals who  bring a variety of skills and experience to your projects. Galileo’s network of content marketers is versed in keyword research, writing, editing, project management, link building and more.

A network of marketing professionals managed by one or a few project managers ensures that your brand voice, goals and directives will be consistent and seamless.

Content Marketing Execution

When you’re looking to outsource content marketing, you no doubt want to find someone who can execute your strategy flawlessly. You’re looking for people who will understand your goals and mission, communicate clearly, produce on deadline and deliver quality content time after time.

Businesses like Galileo don’t develop strategy (we leave that to you since you know your business best). What we do offer is the freedom to have any part of a content marketing campaign assigned to an experienced professional who will delivery top-agency-caliber work at favorable rates.

How Galileo Manages Content Marketing

How do we provide exceptional content at price points that makes sense?

We don’t require you to commit to monthly or long-term retainers. Galileo isn’t a price-per-project agency either. We offer great rates along with quality work because we contract per piece. Each of the consultants in our network is happy to put their talent to use for a small task or a large batch of orders.

We give large-volume discounts and we have many happy clients who hire us as needed, with emergency requests and even large-quantity tasks that are cyclical in nature.

There are too many changing needs that a content marketer has to address throughout the life of a campaign and simply month-to-month. To learn how Galileo can offer tactical support, reliability, great outsourced pricing and excellent communication, Contact Us.