eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

Targeted SEO builds eCommerce brands, boosting exposure and revenue. Standing out from the competition is crucial in a competitive online marketplace. Galileo Tech Media helps Fortune 500 companies and innovative small enterprises refine their marketing campaigns to include eCommerce SEO strategies. A thoughtful approach boosts the bottom line and makes businesses stand out from the crowd.

Why Do Online Stores Need eCommerce SEO Services?

Consumers use specific keywords to search for products. Understanding the niche market, how people search, and search engine algorithms are crucial to connect with customers. Factors such as site speed, leverage schema, SEO, and voice search all play critical roles in optimizing eCommerce sites. To succeed, companies must follow best SEO practices, analyze competitor strategies, and stay ahead of market trends.

At Galileo Tech Media, we focus on an overarching strategy supported by Schema, content, optimization, offsite authority building, content creation, and technical SEO for eCommerce. Our team provides targeted Amazon SEO for online stores and eCommerce SEO services for well-established corporations seeking to expand their reach.

How Do Online Stores Benefit from an eCommerce SEO Audit?

Stores need to make meaningful connections with consumers to be profitable and remain successful. The first step is to ensure customers can find your company and its products on the search engines. When it comes to eCommerce SEO, the only constant is change. Google continually updates its algorithms to improve the user experience. As a result, site and on-page SEO is always evolving.

The bottom line is providing value to human searchers who are looking for solutions. Google updates its algorithms, so searchers have the best possible experience. From Amazon sellers to Fortune 500 corporations, an eCommerce SEO audit helps businesses determine what consumers search for to provide targeted offerings based on the niche market’s needs. Three significant factors are addressed:

  • Brand presence defines the company’s mission statement and voice to make the business relatable to consumers.

  • Keyword and competitive research reveal the successes and failures of competitors and the most popular terms consumers type in the search engine boxes to find what they want.

  • Product descriptions are optimized to follow best SEO practices while providing essential information to consumers to help them decide and encourage them to take action.

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Focus on Online Presence

Our experienced team also analyzes site performance to maximize the potential of your online space. Visitors expect a well-organized website that puts relevant information and products at their fingertips. Anything less could drive them to a competitor’s site. Plus, site errors could mean being overlooked or penalized by Google. An eCommerce SEO audit targets potential areas of frustration for users, such as:

  • Broken links and 404 errors

  • Duplicate content

  • Indexing and generation of XML sitemaps

  • Relevancy of titles and metadata

  • Site architecture

  • Site loading speed

  • Use of niche keywords

  • Review of robots and directives

  • Site ranking, bounce rate, and conversions

  • Analyze quality of backlinks and more.

An eCommerce site audit also analyzes site content, product descriptions, titles, and metadata to find lost opportunities based on keyword research and market trends. We help you optimize existing content to improve ranking and conversion rates. Trend analysis also includes searching for missed opportunities to provide value to customers. Unique new content resonates with readers, builds trust, and establishes mutually beneficial relationships.

Authority and value are the cornerstones of success for an eCommerce store. Our team performs a detailed eCommerce site audit to see where you stand. We walk through the audit with your team to develop a plan of action to boost ranking, brand your business, and increase conversions.

A Targeted Approach for Big Wins

The ultimate goal of SEO is to target marketing campaigns to reach out to human consumers. Intelligent optimization is crucial for people to find your products. A combination of technology and innovative thinking brings businesses to the next level of success, as evidenced by our case of the coffin industry leader, Titan Casket.

Galileo focused on foundational strategies for fast and impressive results. With our “Quick Wins” strategy, we discovered a wealth of SEO opportunities lurking just beneath the surface. As a result, our efforts meant organic traffic for Titan Casket increased by 63.6 percent from June 2020 through August 2020. Plus, Titan’s market share in the organic search was up 117 percent from July. And Titan saw a whopping 55 percent MOM increase in page 1 rankings.

Many SEO opportunities are hiding in plain sight. Galileo unearths these opportunities to bring them to light, giving your business greater exposure. How did we do it for Titan, and how can we do it for you? Our strategies include:

  • Identifying red flag SEO issues by conducting an eCommerce site audit

  • Implementing schema audit and optimization

  • Offering easy solutions for improving site speed

  • Eliminating broken links

  • Developing a URL strategy, which is crucial for Amazon eCommerce stores

  • Targeting keyword opportunities with a content audit to refresh existing content and develop new topics for improved optimization and conversions

  • Digging deeper into keyword relevancy with BrightEdge’s Intent Signal dashboard to inspect every SERP in relation to each keyword

  • Focusing on the on-page optimization strategies, such as refreshed keywords, titles, metadata, and links

In only three months, Titan Casket realized dramatic results from our Quick Wins approach. Galileo also focuses on long-term results through ongoing site and content audits to improve your visibility and brand reputation continually. SEO is evolutionary and continuous to stay on top. With that in mind, the most recent results for Titan Casket include a 290 percent increase in organic traffic YOY and a 348 percent increase in indexed pages YOY. A thoughtful approach to eCommerce SEO yields impressive and continued results.

What Should Be Part of Your eCommerce SEO Checklist?

All eCommerce stores are not created equal, and no two approaches to SEO will be precisely the same. SEO for Amazon stores differs from optimization for online retailers relying on Google to drive traffic to their sites. Galileo creates a customized eCommerce SEO checklist to address the top concerns for quick and long-term wins. We include strategies such as longtail keywords and leveraging quality content for snippets and other SEO opportunities.

Traditional SEO practices coupled with eCommerce savvy are the combination for success. Galileo examines site and content performance as well as critical factors such as quality backlinks and business profiles. Analyzing online presence, product presentation, and engagement means following best SEO practices for measurable results – such as the results Titan Casket enjoyed from targeted SEO focused on their unique brand and voice.

Are You Bringing Measurable Value to the Table?

The value your business brings to consumers makes it stand apart from the competition. Galileo naturally uses eCommerce SEO strategies and intelligent branding to communicate your message in a meaningful way. Contact us today to learn more about the value of an eCommerce SEO audit for your business. Let the team at Galileo help your team navigate the competitive online marketplace to achieve impressive wins.

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