During times of high demand and high volume, the carefully created in-house team you put together can go off the rails. There will be times when demand exceeds an in-house agency’s capabilities.

Galileo’s Keith Reynolds asks in his latest LinkedIn Publication:

“What happens when there’s need for a quick turnaround on a deliverable and resources have been committed to other projects? Or a sudden high-volume, short-term project gets thrown at an in-house agency team. And then there are times when cutbacks are needed due to the slow season. Can the average in-house agency scale up and down in an instant, as required of their previous agency service provider counterparts?

What do you think the failure to deliver on these types of requests from corporate, or your business units, does to your Sales Pipeline in today’s competitive environment? I’m betting it grinds to a halt.”

We have learned a lot in our years servicing in-house marketing teams – on how to handle the busy times [as well as the not-so-busy times]. Head over to Keith’s post and feel free to share with your own teams! And, don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

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