Recently we talked about the importance of inbound links in the world of digital marketing. We discussed ways to evaluate your current links to determine if they are helping you rank or hurting you. This week we’ll dive further into SEO Link Building and touch on steps to earn authoritative links. These are the links Google says position you as a trusted and valuable source of information.

Earning inbound links to your website site is one of the best methods for creating long-term growth in the online sphere. When you gain strong links pointing to your content, you increase your ability to rank favorably in the SERPs and get noticed by your target audience. This is a primary goal of SEO, in addition to boosting traffic to your website and building brand trust.

Putting a comprehensive organic SEO Link Building campaign into place can be challenging, however. Resources, including staff and time, often make it difficult to plan and implement a SEO Link Building strategy that effectively and efficiently earns authoritative links to your site.

Whether your time is plentiful or limited, the following are some initial steps you should take to earn links to your content in order to boost rankings. Ideally, you will implement them all. If you don’t have the resources to put some or all of this plan into action, you can hire a link-building agency like Galileo to help. We help clients big and small with SEO Link Building tasks as they need them.

  1. Offer Original Content for SEO Link Building

Good link-worthy content is original content. When creating content that you want people to link to and share, think about what makes your information special? Why would anyone want to read it among the sea of other pieces? Or link back to it? If you provide original content that people want to learn about – and that hasn’t been seen before – you will likely see fast and substantial link increase to your website.

Others from within your industry will want to acknowledge your original research and valuable content with a link back to your website. How do you create original content? Conducting surveys is a superb way to obtain fresh content that only you are able to produce.

  1. Create Content that Goes Viral

It can be difficult to predict what content will go viral. Even harder, perhaps, is executing SEO content marketing so that good content hits that level. If you can get an article or blog post to go viral though, you’ll likely earn hundreds of high-quality inbound links.

What exactly does it mean to “go viral?” General consensus is that viral content equals millions of views and thousands of shares. These numbers might not be completely necessary, but your focus should definitely be on creating link potential by making sure all of your copy is engaging, emotional, entertaining and unique.

  1. Become a Guest Blogger

Websites and blogs may link to your content on their own. That’s the ideal scenario. But, guest blogging can increase your chances of generating interest in what you have to share. You may need to submit high-quality content to online publishers to earn links. These pieces should include links to your site in order to provide further information or value.

Manually linking back to your website can be as simple as linking to validate a quote or fact. If you don’t have a guest author profile established with a leading publication in your industry yet, it’s a good idea to initiate that relationship and start building exposure.

  1. Consider Content Promotion

If you’re not seeing much movement from your SEO Link Building campaign, think about content promotion on social media channels or through PPC (pay per click). While this may involve dipping into your SEO budget, and it can be considered an advertising effort in a way rather than an organic SEO strategy, it works.

Think about boosting Facebook or other social media posts, or even investing in PPC. These efforts can lead to content that goes viral and give you increased earned traffic in the long run. When considering which content to promote, it’s best to go with your most important blog posts or your most valuable articles.

  1. Partner with Influencers

Influencer Marketing can be an effective way to earn inbound links. It’s imperative, however, that you choose influencers who possess authority and hold a positive reputation. Also, make sure the influencers you choose make sense within your industry and fit naturally with your business. Realize that a successful Influencer Marketing campaign takes time, creative strategy, and lots of communication between the brand and the influencer to ensure proper results.

Influencers, by definition, have audiences of thousands of online users who respect them and the companies behind them. Influencers are unlikely to simply post the content a brand prepares for them. Brands must provide influencers with relevant information, and then trust the influencer to deliver the message in their own voice.

To learn more ways to earn links to your website and boost rankings, contact Galileo Tech Media.