Knowing how to write web copy that engages readers and ranks well in search is invaluable. You could spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising to reach your target customers and gain website traffic. But, you don’t have to. Besides, you need to provide some substance, something interesting, for prospects to discover when they arrive. SEO content creation serves a dual purpose. When paired with a paid advertising campaign, you’ll see higher conversions at a lower ad spend due to higher saturation of SERPs.

With some SEO writing tips in your marketing arsenal, you get a start on connecting with buyers who visit your web pages. And when in-house resources are thin, a few tips may be all you need to start to move the organic traffic needle.

These 55 SEO writing tips will help train you to create content that engages, builds brand authority and sells. They’ll help you get customers to your site and ultimately serve your primary purpose. Learn how you can please your readers, the search engines and your bottom line with SEO copywriting.