Our latest post talked about how important business travelers are to a travel brand, and this week’s will help you target those customers. Corporate customers shouldn’t be ignored because they’re a great source of revenue on off-peak days and during off seasons. Plus, they tend to be loyal when they’ve found a travel company they’re comfortable with.

There are some historical challenges when it comes to attracting business customers, however. Despite the reputation of hotel chains traditionally offering boring and drab accommodations to corporate clients, there’s something to take note in this example. Business customers really are looking for consistency. They want to know what to expect from a travel brand before they do business. And, they demand receipt of what they expected upon arrival. In the past, consistency was dull. Today, it doesn’t have to be.

Providing an expected and reliable experience while still offering a pleasurable product can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Consider that a traditional hotel company is already ahead of alternative travel brands like Airbnb in the minds of business travelers. Airbnb, a company known for its unique accommodation offerings, isn’t typically the business traveler’s style. This is precisely because of the corporate client’s need and desire for predictability and consistency.

So, business class travel can belong to the traditional travel provider. But, it’s still important to keep products and services fresh and exciting, just enough to please a guest looking for something enjoyable even on a business trip.

Know the Business Traveler To Attract the Business Traveler

Customers who book business class travel have specific needs and the brand hoping to attract this traveler must anticipate them. There are various ways you can better understand the business class travel buyer using business class travel SEO. Conducting keyword research to find out what business travelers are searching for is one method. Paying attention to conversations online is helpful to a point, but social media channels tend to be filled with discussions amongst leisure travelers.

Querying current corporate travel customers through surveys is a great way to discover the business travelers’ needs. As is evaluating information collected through business VIP and loyalty programs corporate clients have registered for. Which of the amenities and services you provide have these travelers been most interested in? What more have they inquired about? Creating a buyer persona of your target business customers is a must, if you haven’t developed one already. This resource is invaluable when it comes to making sure your marketing tactics align with your larger goals.

Marketing to the Corporate Customer using Business Class Travel SEO

After you’ve done research to uncover business travelers’ needs, it’s time to implement your marketing strategy with the data in mind. Your travel company’s web content, blog posts and social media marketing should be part of a calculated plan to reach the corporate customer. Some ideas for targeting the business traveler include:

  • Blog posts with local content focused on the unique benefits of your location (near public transit, close to restaurants, in the city’s business district, etc.)
  • Create a Travel Content Hub on your site, filled with content designed to make your site an authority on the offering and the clientele
  • An amenities description on your website highlighting free or paid Wi-Fi (and fast and frustration-free Wi-Fi)
  • A visitors’ guide to local coffee shops, cafes and restaurants (in addition to information on your website stating that you provide coffee, if you do)
  • Online guides to local print shops and business services (or a list of the business services you offer).

Corporate travelers, while busy, want to escape to a relaxing haven when their work is done for the day. This affords another opportunity for a travel brand to create content highlighting offerings like pillowtop bedding, in-room spa showers, spa and massage facilities, room service, great on-site restaurants, proximity to bars and nightlife, and even luxury car service.

These are just a few ideas travel brands can use reaching and securing the corporate customer. To learn more, contact Galileo Tech Media.