We recently started following Jeremy Leonard of Project Bourbon after meeting him at the In-House Agency Forum annual conference in Boston and liked his body of work around helping brands succeed with their in-house agencies. The trends toward more in-house agency arrangements and the commoditization of “agency product” are big drivers of Galileo’s growth. SEO has its own set of parameters that need to be managed and you should be sure that your tactics are delivered in the most efficient and effective means possible.

So, how does a digital marketing agency distinguish itself within the sea of “fully integrated agencies”? It focuses on transparency and being easy to work with. Transparency is key when an in-house agency transitions some or all of its work to an outside business marketing consultant. Transparency is also crucial when it comes to communication of pricing, tactic directives and changes within the In-House Agency’s strategy.

Procurement functions and in-house agencies that only focus on money miss other types of value in the agency negotiation. All outside agencies have the same basic tools. But, not all are willing to actually fully integrate with the client or be completely transparent. It doesn’t cost much of anything to be open and transparent, but the impact of good business practices on managing your supplier relationships more effectively long term can be great. Take a look at Jeremy’s interesting points to consider when discussing how to structure your relationship with suppliers to you in-house agency.