In-house teams of brands big and small now have Galileo Tech Media as a fellow member of the In-House Agency Forum, the foremost support and networking community for in-house agencies. Galileo looks forward to meeting representatives from in-house agencies across various industries, and offering scalable SEO and Content Marketing services to help them engage with their audiences and increase online conversions.

With offices in New York NY, Stamford CT and Charleston SC, and an experienced team of professionals working from around the world, Galileo provides SEO Technical and Backlink Audits, Keyword Research, SEO Content Creation, Local SEO, Link Building and a complete suite of SEO solutions.

In-house agencies are often in a bind when they need to scale quickly or implement a tactic that is beyond the scope of their current team. This is where Galileo comes in. Often after the in-house agency develops the overarching digital marketing strategy for its company, Galileo executes the tactics needed for increased web traffic and boosted brand attention. When an in-house agency hires Galileo for SEO services, it can forget about creating an editorial calendar, performing keyword research, writing copy and even running analytics. Galileo becomes the extension of their team to perform those tasks.

Galileo’s Keith Reynolds says “I am so glad to be a part of this dynamic group. Working Galileo’s network of resources is like having another arm or more fingers.  At least – it’s an expanded pool of resources that are available on-demand to complete a one-off tactic or a long-term project.”

In-house marketing teams find the SEO support they need with Galileo. When hiring Galileo to research contextual-based Keywords, create intent-focused blog posts or build high quality links, the in-house agency is able to focus on what it does best and what it has resources for. Galileo Tech Media’s team of keyword researchers, writers, SEO analysts and experts in many other digital marketing fields frees up the need for in-house agencies to keep a wide-reaching staff on the payroll.

Galileo Tech Media’s managed SEO services include solutions for businesses with a single branch or multiple locations. The list of national and international companies that Galileo works with includes global hotel and real estate brands, local travel agencies and tour companies and more. Galileo provides product description copy, influencer marketing solutions and a vast assortment of digital marketing services for those with small and large budgets.

In-house agencies hire Galileo for help with:

  • SEO organizational, technical and backlink assessments
  • Content creation and publication priced “per piece” to scale
  • Personas and customer journey development
  • Data analytics, insights and recommendations
  • Database segmentation, CRM, loyalty and personalization
  • Large scale audits/projects

Talk to Galileo about your need for Content Marketing and Copywriting Services. We look forward to partnering with you.