Should You Outsource Your Content Marketing Needs?

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In-House vs. Outsource Content Marketing

You know how important content marketing is. It’s your business to know. All of us, as marketers, have spent years understanding that we need to be putting out great content. And, more content. We need to be distributing it far and wide too. More so than the competition.

In fact, according to survey research conducted earlier this year by seoClarity, BuzzStream and North Star Inbound, nearly 40% of respondents said content development as the most pressing SEO issues for companies in 2017. It makes perfect sense, right? Until, perhaps, you look at your resources. Which may also be why almost half of those with in-house SEO resources rank developing the right content as their biggest obstacle. With an in-house team limited in certain skills, budget or scope, how do you create the content you know is necessary? You begin to outsource content marketing.

Content Creation is a Drain on In-House Resources

The SEO survey, THE STATE OF ENTERPRISE SEO IN 2017, also noted that the typical in-house SEO team has 2-5 members, regardless of whether the business has fewer than 100 employees or more than 1,000. If your team is smaller, you might not be able to afford redirecting your laser focus from building the business to creating content. Chances are, the content you’d create would be rushed and sporadic. It might end up having a negative impact on your brand instead of the positive engagement you want. In this case, more content is definitely not better. So, you’re already losing out on a great opportunity to connect with the customer.

Some marketing departments struggle to keep up with the demand for quality, SEO content. Without the ability to scale, they’re often left having to outsource content marketing to different departments. That may work and it may not. If you can find an in-house person or team to work on your content, will they be rushed as they try to juggle their tasks too? Do they really know the nuances of SEO content marketing?

Outsource content marketing

Creative Ways to Handle Content Creation In-House

You might be able to handle some of your content in house. You can beef up your marketing department with content specialists who you train to know your business’ voice and persona. Some companies just can’t afford to do this though.

It’s possible to outsource your content creation internally. After all, finding content creators within your company means they’ll already understand your customers’ journey.

Sometimes, you can handle your content on your own by using creative tactics like drawing upon your social media audience for topics. Starting discussions with followers to see what they’re interested in and what they need is an easy way to come up with content ideas. Video posts are great pieces of content too. A colleague, or you, can conduct an interview with someone relevant to your industry, and then share it on your blog and social media profiles.

When You Know It’s Time to Outsource Content Marketing Needs

It takes nearly 40 hours per month for an organization to effectively use one social media site (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) to achieve business goals. If your core business isn’t social media, perhaps you shouldn’t be internally spending the bulk of your time on it.

It’s important that you know the strengths of your team members. Maybe you have someone internally who understands how to create engaging content. But, one person likely cannot give you the large output of content on a consistent basis that you’ll require. Even with a strong content creator on your team, you might come up empty when it comes to distribution skills. Outsourcing one or both of these SEO strategies, and others, makes sense.

It may be time to consider outsourcing your content strategy when:

  • You don’t have the time to post new content regularly
  • Your focus on the day-to-day makes it impossible to stay on top of new marketing trends
  • You have no idea what sort of content resonates with your existing or potential customers
  • Your social media presence is stagnate, as no one is able to devote energy to it

How Galileo Eases the Stress of Content Creation

When you realize it’s time to outsource some or all of your content strategy, what do you do? Instead of looking for one or more freelancers who might not be dependable for the long term (or experienced), you look to an SEO content agency.

Galileo Tech Media is a content agency that creates scalable, WISE SEO content. While you can probably find many content creation agencies by conducting a simple Internet search, SEO content is Galileo’s differentiator. As is our expert team.

We begin content creation for our clients by selecting topics based on keyword volume, as researched by our expert analysts. Armed with relevant, keyword-focused topics, our writers create content focused on your target demographic and they produce it fast. Galileo has the ability to scale quickly to give you one piece of optimized content a week or 20 pieces (whatever meets your goals).

By using Big Data to help you define the viewpoints of your customers and learn how to best speak to them, you see better ROI and less stress. It’s all science, really. And, it’s what Galileo does best.

It can be quick and easy to create a piece of content or a few pieces. But, ongoing wise content requires focus, research, analysis and diligence. So many organizations try to outsource content marketing within by scattering content assignments across all departments. When that doesn’t work, contact Galileo!


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