Travel Marketers frequently look to the next trend among the uber wealthy, but perhaps they should be turning toward Middle Class Travelers to find more opportunities. Likewise, mid-level and 3-star brands would be wise to look one demographic up and consider Middle Class Travel SEO. What does this segment wants out of travel today?

By paying attention to Middle Class Travelers, who in many ways similar to what luxury and mid-range brands typically cater to, there’s potential to tap into a consumer base that’s expanding more quickly than any other.

The upper-middle class is rising in net worth and numbers, and this ripe group currently reflects a perfect entry point for luxury travel SEO and a way for middle-of-the-road brands to dip into the luxury market.

A luxury marketer might want to think about how to present high-end offerings that are scaled down just a bit, in order to reach travelers who are well off by nearly all standards.

The mid-priced travel company can lock in the business of the upper middle class by scaling up slightly to attract these travelers who are seeking affordable luxury.

Targeting Middle Class Travelers

Upper middle class – or high net worth – travelers are in a segment that’s projected to have robust growth until 2030. After that, it’ll decrease in comparison to the part of the population with smaller – but still relatively large – disposable incomes.

It seems then, that this is the time to target the affluent who have annual disposable incomes of more than $300,000. These travelers, account for roughly 1.5% of today’s households. By 2030, it’s expected they’ll be 3.1% of consumers.

Households with disposable incomes of more than $100,000 account for 9.3% of the current total. And, interestingly, the spending habits of those making $100,000 and $300,000 are not that different, so logically, the customer journey may be similar and one that luxury and mid-range brands should be targeting.

Upper middle class travelers are expected to take more frequent trips, but also reduce the amount of per-trip spend so they can subsidize ongoing travel. This presents a challenge for the marketer hoping to capitalize on the group, as quality and value must be present at a price point that stays in check.

The challenge can be met though by carefully studying what the upper middle class traveler wants, and then delivering it at a rate within reason according to the relatively rich.

upper class travelers

The Upper Middle Class Traveler Wants Affordable Luxury

Upper middle class travelers, like millennials and luxury travelers, are eager to enjoy extraordinary travel experiences. They are, however, more like those in the luxury set in terms of wanting transformative encounters whether on a business or leisure trip.

While they don’t – and can’t – take the “money is no matter at all” mentality, they have the disposable income to give themselves a better-than-common hotel stay, tour or transport experience.

Upper middle class travelers want a vast improvement on basic, and they have a slightly higher net worth than the average consumer to pay for these little luxuries. They’re still somewhat locked into the economics of a trip, but their lifestyles largely include spending on what they want – and travel is something they’re willing to part with cash for.

To understand how to target upper middle class travelers with Middle Class Travel SEO, it’s important to remember that luxury doesn’t mean opulence to them. Like the luxury segment, the upper middle class wants to disconnect from the bustle of daily life and reconnect with themselves somewhere meaningful, doing something that transforms their lives.

Through the right research, product offering, messaging and SEO strategy, it’s possible to create the spaces, experiences and transformative encounters the upper middle class wants and be there when they’re looking for them. No matter your niche in the hospitality sector, you can connect with these travelers and sell them on improved wellbeing through travel. Galileo Tech Media can show you how.