The anti-extravagant trend in ultra-luxury travel is opening up many opportunities for luxury brands to offer transformative experiences that the uber rich crave, and they can do the same thing to win the business of the rising-in-wealth middle class. By focusing on personal and customizable encounters, like the luxury and upper-middle class are saying they want, high-end brands can hit the sweet spot using Middle Class Travel SEO. Once you know how to target the extremely wealthy with offerings that provide much more than just a trip, you can do also do it with those seeking affordable luxury.

Traditionally, luxury travel providers have appealed to the high-net-worth individual that had more than $1 million in assets. But, setting sights only on this demographic today means missing out on a bigger market – one that can easily be tempted to part with cash for the right vacation or business trek.

The middle class traveler in our current market has a good deal of disposable income to spend on travel. Making anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 per year, this consumer has money to pay for the flight, accommodation, transport situation and tour that will deliver a notably more profound time somewhere they have to go or want to visit.

If you’re a luxury brand, making just a slight adjustment in your program and price point can give you an entirely new audience for your product or service. You can win the business of a sector that increasingly seeks out greater fulfillment from life and a high income.

Capitalize on Growth by Knowing the Customer, Use Middle Class Travel SEO

To take advantage of the growing middle class market, a luxury travel brand needs to know who the middle class traveler is, which social factors drive purchasing decisions and what this type of traveler wants. Changing definitions of what the well-off traveler wants out of today’s brands can also be examined to figure out how to best reach the middle class traveler willing to spend on perfection.

Of course, perfection is subjective, and that’s why companies focusing on personalization and creating a custom haven for travelers are the ones that are winning. Just like a luxury brand should be developing well-designed spaces and events that authentically speak to their high-end niche, they can reach out to travelers only one category down by presenting unique ways to meet affluent individuals needs while traveling.

Because most travelers in the increasingly wealthy bracket are looking for scenarios that speak to them personally, it pays to know your customers. Do they want adventure and the chance to disconnect? Is it important they stay connected while also feeling that they’ve escaped to their own private part of the world? Promising boutique-style offerings throughout the hospitality segment – while staying centered on authenticity, a sense of community and improved wellbeing –  is what locks in the sale of a ultra-luxury traveler right now. It’ll work with the upper-middle class traveler too.

Middle Clas sTravel SEO

Middle Class Travel SEO Puts You Where They’re Looking

It’s a fact that all travelers’ habits affect their purchasing decisions. Upper-middle class travelers spend a large amount of their time online, whether they’re

millennials, baby boomers or successful individuals from another generation. They embrace technology, want mobility and demand convenience.

Structuring your SEO strategy to reach the middle class traveler, then, requires you create compelling content about your product or service, share it on social media and make it accessible from any cell phone or tablet.

You want your programming to be highly targeted to this emerging travel sector, including local content in your campaign as much as possible, which means you need to research your customers’ behavior to see how best to show up on their journey from plan to travel.

Galileo Tech Media can help you do just that. We can customize an Middle Class Travel SEO campaign for your brand that positions you as the travel company capable of providing escape, connection, better health, simplicity or whatever it is your ideal customer (the new middle class) is craving.