Here at Galileo Tech Media, we specialize in creating SEO content and keywords for in-house agencies [as well as the Real Estate and Travel industries]. We know that creating SEO-friendly copy must not only perform, but be interesting and lovely. It also must serve as a customer service engine for a brand’s audience. And we know there are plenty of marketers out there looking for SEO content tips from experts.

More and more agencies are hiring Content Directors or outsourcing the creation of SEO content. But so many times, the responsibility for creating SEO keywords and content falls on YOUR desk. Among all your other to-do’s.

I am so grateful to have been able to provide In-House Agency Forum members with 3 SEO Content Tips from the Experts for creating SEO content. Our IHAF friends have posted my article on their blog, and also within their newsletter.

I hope you find some tips that you can use today and every day.