SEO Content should be considered a living and breathing part of your marketing campaigns. It must be tended and monitored, adjusted and optimized. It’s not enough to conduct keyword research, update existing content and metadata with SEO content and metadata. If you stopped there, your SEO growth would stop too.

Galileo recommends an SEO Refresh every 6 months. This allows you step up your SEO visibility incrementally, based on the keywords you have the authority to rank for. Think of it this way – in Month 1 of an SEO campaign, the keywords you have the authority to rank for are likely highly targeted. But they’re probably also lower demand and lower volume. But in the following months, as you implement other SEO tactics such as Link Building and Local SEO, your website begins to earn authority from Google. By Month 6, you’re ready to go after some more broadly targeted, higher demand, higher volume keywords.

Take a look at this author’s tips to refresh SEO on your website. He references “Rotate Your Keywords and Topics,” which is a tried and true tactic for our clients.