Galileo Tech Media is happy to announce our new partnership with Travel Leaders, an award-winning travel agency network. Travel Leaders travel agents have been honored with more than 65 prestigious travel industry awards of excellence, exceeding any other travel agency in North America.

The Galileo team will provide travel agency SEO services for Travel Leaders’ global network of travel professionals. We will be conducting keyword research and taxonomy architecture for Travel Leaders along with SEO-driven travel agent profiles, allowing the company to focus on and maximize their strengths while we take care of boosting their online presence.

By partnering with Galileo, Travel Leaders is able to streamline their SEO efforts and scale them as needed, beginning with a pilot program of 35 agent profiles. Travel Leaders knows their agents and has a great relationship with each one, so they will conduct agent interviews based on a questionnaire provided by Galileo in order to flesh out the best content for profile articles highlighting travel agent Specialties and Experiences. Galileo’s team will take the interview data and combine it with our keyword research that has been structured into taxonomy buckets. We will use this information to optimize each agent profile page for SEO focusing on taxonomy buckets associated with individual agents’ Specialties and Experiences.

The Travel Leaders network consists of thousands of agents. Every one of these agents is a specialist and has valuable resources to provide to clients. All of them need to be noticed online though to be of significant help in today’s highly digital world. Travel Leaders’ local agents possess incredible world-wide expertise and they’ll now be able to have broad exposure of their talent within a short amount of time. Their skills when it comes to facilitating truly unique cruise, resort and tour vacations, and all types trips, can now reach more clients through targeted SEO.

Travel Leaders is an industry-honored travel agent network that was trying to provide extreme value to clients by offering educational and inspirational travel content online. But, the company was striving to put out SEO content for thousands of agents all on its own. With Galileo’s scalable team of keyword researchers and content writers, now they don’t have too.

Galileo looks forward to continuing the SEO process for Travel Leaders. Using our fleet of agency-caliber keyword researchers and writers, we can ensure that each Travel Leaders agent receives an SEO profile with a distinct voice and angle, one that showcases knowledge of the agents’ local area and experience with world-wide travel.

To learn how Galileo Tech Media can help your company with travel agency SEO, contact us.