Search engine optimization has evolved in a massive way over the last several years. While many SEO strategies have remained consistent, there are new (and constantly evolving) best practices for their implementation. Some SEO tactics and tricks that used to propel businesses to the tops of the SERPs [Search Engine Results Pages] just don’t work at all anymore. In fact, use them and Google will penalize you in a big way.

Because SEO has transformed into this marketing strategy that many companies don’t recognize and a good number find overwhelming, SEO outsourcing exists.

Since getting in the Google penalty box is such a threat, many companies outsource their SEO efforts to professionals who thoroughly know the ins and outs of the game. According to THE STATE OF ENTERPRISE SEO IN 2017 conducted earlier this year by seoClarity, BuzzStream and North Star Inbound, almost 40% of respondents identified content development as the most pressing SEO issues for companies this year.

Why take a chance and possibly receive a penalty on the most important part of your marketing campaign?

Recent survey research shows that while 40% of large enterprise dedicate $20K to SEO activity per month — not including the cost of employees’ salaries and overhead – nearly 70% these same marketers don’t think their team has achieved leadership status in the marketing segment. Only 18% of managers at large enterprise companies (>1000 employees) rate themselves as successful at being “scalable and repeatable.”

Instead of being confused by SEO and trying to keep up with optimization tactics that no longer make sense to you (which is understandable if your primary business isn’t SEO), consider outsourcing SEO services.

Do You Have the Resources to Manage Your Own SEO?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Is SEO still relevant?” “Does it really matter if I use keywords?” “What keywords should I be using?” “Is link-building behind us?”

When you outsource your search engine optimization, you don’t need to be the one figuring all of this out. You give your SEO agency your business goals, and it handles the inner workings for you.

Maybe you realize what’s required of you in terms of SEO and being visible online today, but you don’t have the resources to do what’s necessary. According research, nearly 70% of large enterprise companies (>1000 employees) have in-house SEO teams of 5 people or less. Seen in this light, if you want to show up in search results and connect with your target buyer, you can’t have a budget, team or time that presents limitations.

Outsourcing SEO services in many cases makes sense.

You don’t need to be stressed or overstretched. And, you don’t need to concern yourself with growth hacking your way into top SERP placement. Outsourcing your SEO needs to an agency can save sanity, time and money – and your business.

Consider Modular SEO Services from Galileo Tech Media

SEO best practices change at a speed that can be too fast for a company to match pace. If your in-house team is busy doing what it does best and it’s not feasible to keep up with SEO or outsource internally, hiring an agency like Galileo Tech Media is a smart move.

While you do your job, we do ours. We’re constantly researching the changes in SEO and testing tactics. Our team stays abreast of Google algorithm changes and makes sure SEO strategies aren’t drawing SERP penalties.

Our experts are always performing keyword research, creating keyword-focused content, optimizing social media profiles, building quality links and working with the most valuable industry influencers. We have our hands in it all and we handle it all. And, we have the ability to scale quickly to meet clients’ unique goals.

Can your in-house agency marketing team effectively take care of all the SEO tactics that need consideration? If not, it’s okay because Galileo can.

When It’s Time to Outsource All or Most of Your SEO

Good SEO depends on creating Wise Content from carefully researched keywords. It relies on analyzing Big Data to come up with sound strategies for linking and sharing on social media. SEO involves evaluating user experience in terms of page load time, website architecture and semantic markup. Site audits and other analytics, as well as well-known SEO tactics like maintaining a keyword-rich blog all matter to your bottom line.

While expertise in one or more of these areas can certainly be found in-house, outsourcing the spectrum of support needed can be the best path to success. It’s often faster to hire an outsourced agency that can scale to meet goals. And, outsourcing can be cheaper than hiring several full time employees to do the same job. Plus, with Galileo, you get SEO experts that make this work their life.

Galileo Tech Media provides SEO solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you hire us just for link building or only for audits, we lift a bit of the burden off you. We provide Local SEO, SEO blog post content creation and SEO project management for companies in travel, real estate and many other industries.

Outsource or Create In-House? How to Decide Who Writes Your Content

Let’s skip talking about how important content marketing is. We can surely agree that it is, yes? And we can confirm together that we all must create more content. Better content. We also need to distribute it more widely, right? Great. Let’s move forward.

Kapost reports that 42% of marketers say a lack of human resources is a barrier to content marketing. The question is – where do you find more humans? Inside your organization or outside?

The first option is to beef up your marketing department with content specialists. If you can afford to do this, then do. Your content will benefit from someone who understands your company’s voice and persona.

But if your company is smaller, you may not be able to afford to redirect your laser focus from building the business to creating content. Chances are, the content you’d create would be rushed and could have a negative impact on the brand. In this case, more content isn’t better. It’s worse.

It may be time to consider outsourcing your content strategy when…

  • You do not have the time to post new content regularly
  • Your focus on the day-to-day makes it impossible to stay on top of new marketing trends
  • You have no idea what sort of content resonates with your existing or potential customers
  • Your social media presence is stagnate, as no one is able to devote energy to it

Consider this middle ground – outsourcing someone to handle specific portions of your content marketing strategy – such as the management of your social media presence. On average, it takes 32 hours per month for an organization to effectively use one social media site

[Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn] to achieve business goals. If your core business isn’t social media, perhaps you shouldn’t be internally spending the bulk of your time on it.

Know the strengths of your team members. Maybe you have a team member who understands how to create engaging content, but you come up empty handed on content distribution skills. Outsourcing the vital strategy of content distribution strategy may be a smart move.

So once you have decided to outsource some or all of your content distributions strategy, what should you do next? What should you look for in an agency or freelancer?

  • Industry Experience – make sure you find someone who knows your You’ll save up-front time educating them on the basics of your industry.
  • SEO Prowess – not only does your copy need to be relevant and engaging, it still needs to be optimized. If an agency/freelancer is experienced in keyword research and optimization, count that as a major plus.
  • Scientific Know-How – there is a science behind using your company’s data to get to know your audience. Big Data can help you define the viewpoints of your consumers, and how best to speak to them. Talk to your prospects about this skill set.

In upcoming posts, we’ll provide some best practices for working with external talent. We understand your desire to keep your headcount low, and quality top-notch.

We’d also love to hear your own guidelines for deciding to handle content marketing in house versus outsourcing! Let us know what you’re thinking!

what you’re thinking!

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