Most brands face the question: “How much should I spend on SEO?” Note, the question isn’t “Should we spend on SEO,” but rather “what SEO marketing costs will we allocate as part of our total marketing budget?” After determining a figure, there must be ongoing evaluation of value received for the expense. Paying for services that don’t increase your ROI is a waste of your money and it can harm your business.

Good SEO is essential for companies that want to survive in a digital-driven world. While not particularly difficult, optimizing for search is a complex task, and it involves many moving parts that require proper research and effective implementation. An SEO campaign also needs continual analysis to understand which strategies are working and which aren’t.

Typical SEO Payment Models

If managing SEO internally places a burden on your brand, there are plenty of businesses you can outsource optimization to. With a simple search, you can find hundreds of SEO agencies that are willing to bring you on as a client. But not all of these potential vendors price their services the same way. Nor do they deliver the same value. Typically, you’ll find that SEO companies charge for their services by:

  • Monthly retainer – SEO agencies using this model charge a set fee each month to perform an agreed-upon range of services. This payment model is the most common, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Not all companies using this model offer the same services and some may even require you pay for services you don’t need.
  • Contract services at a fixed price – Many SEO companies charge fixed prices for certain services like keyword research, website audits and SEO copywriting. While you can pick and choose what you need from a company using this model, you might not receive the guidance you require when it comes to creating a comprehensive search strategy and implementing the tactics (or combination of tactics) that will best benefit your company.
  • Project-based SEO pricing – When SEO companies charge based on projects, you can probably count on the fee to be specific to your company’s needs. For instance, if your business needs help with local digital marketing, you might work with an SEO agency to determine the scope, strategy and cost of this particular campaign. Keep in mind though that SEO is always evolving, as your business likely is. So it may be necessary to change course midway through your endeavor. You’ll want an SEO company that is flexible and can work with your changing needs.
  • Hourly consultation fees – This model is exactly what it sounds like. SEO agencies using the hourly payment structure will bill you for each hour that they perform services or give advice.

These may be the standard ways SEO companies charge, but that doesn’t mean they’re always optimal. When considering the value you want to receive for your SEO spend, think about hiring a company that will provide exactly what you need and charge you only for what you require.

Galileo Tech Media is this kind of company. Our “pay by the piece” model is one that works well for many businesses, in an array of industries. We’re not an agency, so we won’t charge you monthly retainers or hourly fees. Our company does provide contract services at fixed prices, and we work with many clients on small and large-scale projects.

SEO marketing costs

But we offer more than this.

Galileo is a network of extensively vetted and highly experienced SEO professionals who contribute their talents to a team that provides:

  • SEO tactical support
  • Ability to scale
  • Keyword research
  • Consumer-focused copy (your target buyer)
  • Local SEO
  • Link building
  • Analytics
  • SEO education
  • Personalization for your unique needs

This is all done without retainers and with low overhead. We even work with in-house agencies to provide selective service support. Contact us to learn how you can get the most value out of your set marketing costs by working with our worldwide network of experts.