Don’t think of a webinar as a one-and-done piece of content. Webinars are a great source of valuable and ongoing content for your website, beyond just a single asset. Search Engine Land offers some suggestions for using the webinar content effectively and multiple times in various forms. The key is to be smart about using (and reusing) the material you create from your webinar in order to gain maximum leverage.

The author suggests breaking the webinar into full-length videos, blog posts, transcripts designed to deliver SEO value, etc. This is exactly the strategy Galileo employs when creating Content Hubs for our clients. Consider the webinar as the main piece of content that sets the tone for the rest of the supporting content, all pointing back to the main piece of content and working to establish your brand as an expert on the topic in Google’s eyes. Google’s rankings reward publishers who do more than simply put out unrelated blog posts that are stuffed with keywords. The SERPs benefit entities that create spectacular hubs of content that readers want to keep coming back to – for one valuable blog post after another. Successful content is like building blocks that together create something amazing and offer all the details one could want on a niche subject.

To sustain content marketing efforts, it is important to evaluate results from content across all channels terms of key metrics like conversions, revenue, and brand visibility. Compare this to what it takes to produce and publish your suite of content including your webinar.

For more information about webinar content or Content Hubs, reach out to Galileo. This happens to be our specialty.