Many departments struggle to have their budgets approved, but SEO and digital marketing teams are often handed an even greater challenge from those who hold the purse strings. To get the green light on SEO and digital marketing spend, there will likely need to be some convincing that your tactics work. And, if spend is approved, SEO marketers should prepare to explain that SEO ROI may take time but the results will be worth it.

To have your SEO budget approved to begin with and to keep it from being cut due to lack of noticeable progress, there are 4 factors to focus on. Automation and utilizing the wealth of SEO tools available online is the first priority. Outsourcing SEO is another way to become more efficient, and ensure your in-house team can do what it does best in order to best benefit the company. And, keep everyone happy. Learn more from this article on getting the most of your SEO spend.