We’ve all heard nightmare examples of a brand’s in-house team and their agency relationship going off the rails. Perhaps the agency misused the in-house team’s trust or didn’t deliver as expected. Or maybe the in-house team didn’t prove to be the partner the agency expected. No matter the scenario – no one wants this to be their story! Which is why we were drawn to this article from an SEO services company.

Bruce Clay Marketing shares the secrets to an impactful SEO services company + brand relationship, and how that relationship led to strong SEO growth for the brand. The writer credits their success to “company-wide commitment, SEO education and training, access to an expert knowledge base, creating operational processes and much more.”

Galileo can attest to many of the best practices this author points out, as we have earned SEO success for our clients on both large and small scale. We are committed to the SEO education of our audience, whether they are clients or not. Take a look at some of the posts in our “DIY SEO” series – Retrofitting Content for SEO, YouTube SEO, and more.

Take a hint from Bruce Clay Marketing and ensure your in-house teams are committed to success with your SEO services company.