Brands struggle daily with decisions related to resources. They ask themselves the same questions over and over – should we do it ourselves? Or, should we partner with an outside resource?

And the answers to these questions differ based on the function. While outsourcing direct mail services may be an easy “yes,” the question gets more complicated when you start talking about a function that some team members think could be done in house. Like Content Creation. Or Social Media Marketing. Or SEO.

In this article from Forbes, the author asks “Should You Manage SEO In-House or Work with an Agency.” Here at Galileo we definitely have an opinion on the “should we outsource SEO services” question. Jayson DeMers breaks down the pros and cons based on Cost, Expertise, and Accountability.

For brands who are deciding to outsource SEO services, he points out that long-term contracts with agencies which can be problematic due to cost. Agencies with the option for “piecemeal” work could be beneficial, since you only pay for the tactics you need. Galileo’s Freedom Model of pricing does just that – we price all our work by the deliverable so that our clients only pay for the tactics they need for their brand.  He also points out that brands working with SEO agencies benefit from a “team” of specialists, since SEO tactics can vary greatly.

Take a look at DeMers’ full article and let us know if you fall into the in-house or outsource category for SEO.