In most cases when building a website, its main purpose is visibility and accessibility of content. Which SEO techniques you should use to build search rankings and web traffic can feel daunting. If you want your website to rise to the top of search results, you need to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy. There are a number of SEO techniques that you should try to maximize your efforts.

  1. Keep it Simple

    Some website-building platforms such as Wix, WordPress, and Weebly offer SEO planning tools that are developed specifically for those platforms. If you are using one of those platforms, you might wish to use built-in SEO planning tools.

    If your SEO goals are a bit more complex, or if you’re building a site from scratch, though, there are a few simple steps you can institute right from the start on your own.

    Ensure that website URLs contain your business name, your location, or other indicating terms that would direct searchers to your page. From choosing the right domain name to ensuring that all your page’s URLs are clean and without superfluous characters or symbols, simplicity is key.

    That goes double for metadata like page descriptions, which should be kept both current and comprehensive. These meta descriptions are indexed by Google and other search engines, and they can give potential clients a great deal of relevant information about your business. These basic SEO techniques are a quick way to boost your site.

  2. Don’t Overlook the Basics

    When it comes to SEO techniques, the basics are truly among the most important elements to focus on. These basics include using SEO-friendly keywords in titles and page headers, the prioritization of pages in site navigation, use of backlinks, the implementation of traffic tracking, and increasing site speed.

    These basic techniques are a great place to start. Not sure which of these SEO elements you need work on your business’s website? Performing a site audit is an efficient way to ensure that your website is optimized in the most effective way possible to boost rankings. Many of these low-effort and high-return techniques can even be done without the help of an expert, especially with the use of one of the many free SEO tools that are available online.

  3. Educate Yourself and Stay Current

    While many SEO techniques can be implemented easily on your own, keep in mind that beyond the basics, the web is dynamic. The scope and range of SEO best practice is far from static, and strategies that worked in the past may no longer be as effective.

    This is why it is imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques and strategies so that you can adapt, maintaining high search rankings and continuing to attract your target customers to your website.

    For instance, at the present time and after the Google BERT update, content is critical to great search rankings. This can be achieved through keyword-rich site text and regularly published articles that provide unique, useful information to potential customers.

    In-depth blog posts serve to boost rankings, and updating old content to be more SEO-friendly is a low-labor method of developing fresh content that utilizes past popularity to rate higher in search results. Learn how to create effective SEO copy to make your site’s content really count in terms of search rankings and reader engagement.

  4. Get Expert Help When Needed

    Content creation might seem overwhelming. Lengthy articles and blog posts can be time-consuming to write, and editing and updating existing content requires research and, at times, substantial reworking. Google’s BERT update now favors content that answers questions that users might be searching, so if your content can speak to frequent queries in your industry, you’re bound to see a boost in search.

    This is where research of popular queries is key. SEO techniques that work really do rest on thorough research and planning where content, data, and keywords are concerned. Most SEO experts can walk you through this process or help you to conduct necessary research.

    Knowing what to do with metadata can be even more confusing, particularly in the face of frequently evolving search algorithms. From H2s to title tags to URLs and backlinks, there’s a lot of SEO techniques to learn when trying to DIY a website. Once again, those who work in the industry can help point you in the right direction where SEO tools and strategies are concerned.

    While it is simple enough to make basic website adjustments with minimal time and effort, ensuring that your site is streamlined with the most effective and advanced SEO techniques may prove to be an imposition in your labor pool. Galileo Tech Media offers a variety of services to help you get back to what you’re best at—running your business.

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