Skift, a leader in travel-related news and industry trends, recently conducted research on Supertravelers with the intention of finding out how travel brands can best market to these frequent flyers and hotel guests. After studying the super-experienced business and leisure world trekkers, Skift compiled a 10,000-word Supertraveler Manifesto packed with results from online surveys, interviews, and “Maxims,” which offered clues into the Supertraveler mindset. What did Skift learn from its extensive data collection and evaluation? That travel companies need to be paying a great deal of attention to authenticity, personalization, consistency, and perfection of execution. How can you, as a travel brand, meet these Supertraveler standards with your Travel SEO content? We’ll give you a few ideas.

1. Authentic Travel SEO Content

Supertravelers have stayed in a lot of hotels and they’ve logged a lot of airline miles, mostly for work but much of the time for pleasure. They’ve pretty much seen and experienced it all, so they can tell immediately whether a brand is offering authentic service or service-with-a-smile just for the sake of service. And, after the amount of time Supertravelers have put into traveling, they desire a real human connection when it comes to their travel brand’s representatives – which includes representative content. They want a connection that offers sincerity and that can easily be transferred through online content aimed to provide genuine assistance in making a traveler’s trip smooth and enjoyable.

For hoteliers, authentic content can take the form of informative and helpful articles, which tell guests about the best places to eat, shop for necessities, enjoy a relaxing drink out, or do a bit of sightseeing nearby. This type of content is hyperlocal content that shows the hotel cares about the experience its travelers have, enough to make them feel at home with the hotel while they’re away.

2. Personalized Travel SEO Content

It’s beyond the expectations of even Supertravelers for you to personalize your entire body of web content to suit each guest’s preferences and needs, but you can still come up with content that’s personal based on your target guests’ demographics. If your brand is performing its marketing strategy correctly, it has developed a Buyer Persona that offers insight into your company’s ideal guest or customer. Focusing your web content on this Buyer Persona helps personalize the guest experience, including carefully crafting general web page content and blog posts so that they speaks to the guest and offer true value.

To personalize content even further, consider creating text message and email campaigns that go out to micro segments within your customer base, which are categories or groups of guests you’ve noted as having similar preferences and needs. You can use personalized content to let Supertravelers know that you’ve taken the time to make them feel valued, welcomed, and comfortable.

3. Consistency Throughout Content

Consistency throughout your marketing campaign and across all branches of your brand is crucial for Supertravelers. They rely on the information you provide to them, to build trust in your brand and to make the decision whether they’ll rely on your services on their next trip – or every time they fly or stay in a hotel. Supertravelers admit they’re not as loyal to brands as other travelers. They want to be, but they also want the best and they’ll choose the best even if it’s provided by a somewhat new boutique airline or hotel that’s doing things better.

As you create new Travel SEO content for your existing website or your brand’s range of websites, and as you build new sites for new properties or related business ventures, make sure you refer to your Buyer Personas. Every word of content should target these buyers, and it should be consistent in tone and depth of information provided. Even social media accounts need to be examined for consistent voice and value. Supertravelers will take one misstep or mistake on your brand’s part as a reason to look elsewhere for a superior travel provider.

4. Execution of Content and Guest Experience

Supertravelers want a perfect onboarding experience most of all, so remember that when you create any content. They want to arrive at their flight or accommodations prepared to efficiently get through security and registration, so help them out by providing the details they need to make traveling with you easier. These busy and well-traveled individuals want to know exactly when they can check in and how you might make exceptions to time constraints, how you’ll help them avoid even the slightest wait, and what types of comforts they have to look forward to when they arrive with you.

Part of superbly executed onboarding is providing Supertravelers with critical information that will assist them in getting to you (offer this significantly prior to the time they travel with you), such as offering transportation options to and from airports, information on lounge and bar access, and details regarding meaningful loyalty programs that travelers can sign up for. And, of course, perfection in execution must continue throughout the duration of the Supertraveler’s flight or stay, so create valuable content they can look to as they navigate through an airport, make their way about your city, or simply relax in your accommodations as they attempt to rejuvenate before their next round of travel.

For more ideas on how to connect with Supertravelers using smartly created travel SEO content that covers multiple media channels, contact Galileo Tech Media. We specialize in SEO for Travel, servicing brands big and small worldwide.