Galileo Tech Media knows a thing or two about Travel SEO. We know that it’s all about LOCATION, and that leashing yourself to the brand’s national identity without focusing on your own location-specific attributes is not a smart Local SEO strategy. We decided to share our tips from a Local SEO expert, our own CEO!

Joseph McElroy recently wrote an article for, offering steps for multi-location businesses [such as retailers] to mimic the tactics used by the Travel Industry in order to optimize their location’s SEO visibility.

Joseph recommends creating a Content Hub for each business location, and creating SEO content that supports the location’s unique activities and amenities. Joseph says that “Any business with multiple locations, particularly if they’re broadly located, should manage — and curate — independent webpages for each location. These sites can, and should, live under the umbrella of the national brand’s URL, but operate as a separate vertical. This is a simple concept, but one that is overlooked by even some of the largest brands.”

Joseph also recommends other Local SEO strategies, such as “performing research for local keywords, creating local SEO-friendly URLs and optimizing title tags, meta descriptions and ALT tags with local keywords are important. Additionally, linking to relevant local businesses, removing or fixing broken links, and addressing bounce rate are small adjustments that can make a big difference.”

To learn more, take a look at Joseph’s post “For Local SEO, Take a Tip from Travel” or contact Joseph directly