In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic difficulties faced by many brands, the idea of investing in your business feels far fetched at best. Marketing and advertising budgets are often the first to get cut when companies take a look at what is truly essential for their operation. In recent days, in-house teams providing SEO, website updates, and copywriting tend to be reassigned to other tasks or eliminated completely. Rather than forgo these services completely in this strange economic in-between period, why not outsource SEO services to a team of specialists?

Why Outsource SEO Services?

Technical SEO can be overwhelming to begin with. Frequent search engine algorithm updates, many elements to keep track of, and the need to revisit keywords and metadata periodically, as well as frequently add new content to your website, all make tackling SEO a daunting task.

Add the stress of a pandemic and the extra tasks that likely have fallen on the shoulders of your potentially smaller staff , and the chances you’ll have the time or the mental space for SEO tasks are even smaller.

While there is a lot to consider before choosing to outsource your SEO work, you should realize that each potential drawback to outsourcing is really a benefit to doing so, provided you select the right specialist as your partner.

Cost as a Benefit

When you outsource SEO services, you of course expect to spend some money. However, you can find a service provider who you trust and whose rates fit your budget. Opting for a firm like Galileo Tech Media is a safe bet, since we offer scalable solutions that are flexible based upon your needs. You won’t be signing a contract that commits you for all eternity to an exorbitant SEO maintenance service fee. That’s simply not our business model.

Consider how much you could spend if you kept SEO in-house. Assuming you have employees who can handle these tasks and have the expertise to take them on, you will spend as much money as the time it takes them to do regular SEO research and updates. This could be quite a lot of time, especially if your team doesn’t have time to stay very current on search engine changes.

More likely, you do not have a dedicated in-house SEO team, and you’ll need to hire someone to handle it. Onboarding new employees, including job postings, background checks, training, benefits, and staff labor is a very costly process. In the time it takes for your new SEO team to get up and running, you could have already seen dramatic results in organic search if you partnered with an outsourced expert.

It’s a simple fact that working with an SEO partner who is able to scale their services to suit your needs will prove more cost-effective than maintaining or hiring in-house staff to manage your SEO work. Chances are good during this economic climate that most brands would benefit from the time and money saved by working with an outside team.

Integration of Marketing Strategy and SEO

When you try to evaluate your SEO needs, consider how reliant on SEO your marketing strategy is. Is your business operating fully online these days? If so, and you’re still able to provide goods or services this way, you can’t afford not to focus on SEO.

Customers are increasingly turning to the internet for information about the purchases they are considering, thanks to lockdowns, concern over physical shopping, and other impacts of COVID-19. They need to be able to find your company online. Without a solid SEO plan in place, it will be more difficult for your target market to identify you in the mess of Google search results they may be presented with.

If, however, your marketing strategy is very heavily reliant on a physical presence or if you do not sell online, SEO may be less important for you. As the world continues to change and the future of remote work is shaped, it remains to be seen how critical a digital footprint is for brands who mainly deal in tangible goods sold face-to-face.

why outsource seo services

What’s Involved in Partnering?

In order to make outsourcing SEO services a worthwhile endeavor, you’ll need to be able to articulate to your strategic partner what your goals are. SEO specialists can take the core business goals you’ve expressed and determine which keywords you should target in your metadata and content, as well as help you determine where to place your content via white hat backlinking strategies to get the best results.

You should have a general sense for your online goals, and whether website visits, conversions, brand awareness, or something else is your top priority. Once you have these factors outlined, a seasoned SEO expert will be able to guide you to the steps you should take to improve your position in search.

If you don’t have the time to sit down and figure out where your company is heading or what you’d want to gain from the work of an SEO specialist, outsourcing might not be a great fit. However, these questions are ones most businesses already have answers to, or could readily reply to if need be.

Different Perspectives Boost SEO

As a business owner, marketing leader, or other professional in your industry, you have an extremely focused view of what you’re selling. You know what you do backwards and forwards, and you do it well.

When you’re so invested in your work, it can be useful to partner with a specialist who has an outsider’s perspective on your business. Your SEO expert won’t necessarily know your industry the same way you do, and they are likely to ask many questions to better understand your work and your needs. These questions can be valuable tools for growth and introspection, as well as offer insights into the marketing process from an angle you had not yet considered.

From this perspective, the value-add of outsourcing SEO services cannot be measured, since it might go far beyond the boost to your Google ranking that will result. Working with an expert could open your eyes to new possibilities in other areas of marketing that might grow your business even more.

A Partner You Can Trust

It isn’t always easy to take the leap and begin to outsource your SEO work. When you pour your heart and soul into your business, chances are good that you are very picky about where your limited resources are spent.

Galileo Tech Media understands your mindset and is committed to offering the best in service. We listen to your goals and needs and offer scalable solutions to ensure you get the SEO services you need, when you need them, within your budget. We can grow as you do, and we are happy to serve as an extension of your company to provide expert opinions that will help your target audience see your value.

From keyword research to link building, we offer clients the SEO expertise their business needs with none of the issues that accompany an in-house team. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services.