If you’re putting out content but not doing keyword research to inform it, you’re probably not really reaching your target buyer. You can write blog post after blog post trying to connect with the consumer, but unless you have data backing your editorial content, you likely won’t get the conversions you’re looking for. The next time you write an article or anything that goes on your website, make sure your subject matter supports strong keyword ranking. It should be providing customers with the answers and information they’re looking for. Through keyword research, you can create Wise Content that meets consumers’ needs.

Many companies think they’re appropriately anticipating what their potential buyers want to read and learn about. But the reality is, there’s no way know for sure unless you conduct research. Keyword research is one of the best ways to figure out why your target buyers are turning to the Internet. By conducting keyword research, you can discover a consumer’s motivation for querying a topic and for purchasing. With keyword research, you gain great insight into the path a customer takes from initial search to that final call, buy or book action. Then, you can plan to be right there to guide the process to your benefit.

You may be a company who knows your customer well. It’s highly plausible you’ve even created a buyer persona to fully flesh out the details of your ideal buyer. But, knowing a lot about your customers without actually having concrete insight into the steps they take along their journey isn’t knowing them enough. It’s not going to allow you to anticipate all of their needs. And as a business in any industry, your goal is to anticipate buyers’ needs so you can provide exactly what they’re looking for when they’re looking.

Keyword Research Drives Keyword Ranking, Which Drives Conversions

Keyword research is an extremely important, valuable and high-return tactic that must be part of your content marketing strategy. When you rank for the right keywords, you get more than the satisfaction of showing up on Page 1 of Google search results. You reach the buyers who want and need what you sell or provide. You connect with your buyer persona, your target buyer, and you build brand trust and gain conversions.

Researching your market’s keyword demands, and most importantly your buyer persona’s keyword demands, reveals that words and phrases on the minds of your potential customers. Through keyword research, you learn more about your target customer then you may have thought possible. Remember, keyword ranking is not just about getting traffic to your site. It’s about making real and solid connections with the right buyers, connections that are meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships that last.


Keyword Research Offers Intelligence That Can’t Be Ignored

The usefulness of keyword research can’t be overstated. All of the intelligence you have at your disposal when you conduct keyword research, or hire an SEO agency like Galileo to conduct it for you, is marketing gold. By making keyword research your first step in your content creation strategy, you can identify current demand and predict changes in demand. Your company is able to respond to fluctuating market conditions by producing the information, and then products and services, that your buyer is actively looking for.

It’s pretty amazing we have the tools we do today that allows for such easy access to consumers’ motivations and buying patterns. By knowing where to look – and by spending just a bit of time sifting through the data – we come to this understanding of our target buyers that lets us produce precisely what they want. The data we gather is low-hanging fruit if you know how to interpret it the right way.

Through keyword research, it’s possible to:

  • Determine the exact topics your target buyers will find helpful and informative
  • Structure your editorial calendar so it includes high-value and intent-focused keyword-driven content
  • Discover negative keywords that you shouldn’t be writing using in your content

Your goal with keyword research is to identify topics your target buyer is searching for and attempting to learn about. It’s data discovery that informs your content so that readers find what they need, and what they expect, when they visit your website. There’s specific approach that needs to be taken when conducting keyword research so that you see the ROI you need and expect. To find out how to put keyword research to work for you, contact Galileo Tech Media.