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Content and digital marketing campaigns benefit from the combination of art and science that identifies the most successful keywords, messages and tactics for an individual audience. Galileo Tech Media uses data to find optimal keywords for our client’s content and digital marketing campaigns. Harnessing historical contextual data including the keywords people use to search, talk and socialize, companies boost SEO, paid search, social media marketing, content marketing – and ROI.

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Why You Need Keyword Research Services

It’s possible to mine the vast reservoirs of contextual data to find the most effective keywords to use in your digital and content marketing. Using experts, science and tools, you can truly connect with your customers.

They say that “strategy for strategy’s sake” is the enemy of good business. It’s true. The first thing you need to know to connect with your customers – which, if done right, will lead to conversions – is to get to know them. What motivates them? What are they looking for? Why are they searching for?

Understanding motivation throughout the customer journey can only be achieved through comprehensive, targeted data-gathering and evaluation. This critical step in a marketing campaign can develop from tactics including developing a robust buyer persona for each type of target customer.

Outsource Keyword Planning and Keyword Research

Galileo Tech Media works tirelessly to establish effective, actionable strategies that are backed by data and start with extensive keyword research. Our approach to keyword research begins with messaging science. We start keyword planning and research with consideration of the various ways that different groups interact not only with online technology, but with the world around them as a whole.

Data-based marketing is an ongoing process – one that requires constant analysis as well as the flexibility to affect change on the fly. The companies who hire Galileo Tech Media for keyword research services have a dedicated and experienced agency to provide ongoing analytics and fresh keyword research for evolving goals and needs.

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Keyword Research Best Practices

Companies should have a clear and concise understanding of how keywords drive consumer action. To begin any digital or content marketing campaign, it’s important to identify keywords that have high transactional intent. It is a best practice to use high-intent keywords that are narrow enough in scope that they allow the company to beat out the competition with effective use.

As you develop a keyword research strategy, you can transition into more broad terms that encompass intent in multiple forms. These keywords should be those that will drive more traffic to the page. Galileo Tech Media creates keyword strategies for clients with focus on intent and the navigational structure of the website, in order to boost conversions.

We continuously monitor our clients’ analytics, evaluating site visitors in tandem with researching the keywords that drive traffic. The Galileo team learns the language that customers use and the path they travel throughout the client’s site. We know why and how they purchase. Armed with this data, we integrate our findings to make dynamic decisions for our clients that maximize organic results.

Travel SEO Keyword Research Services

Galileo Tech Media provides keyword research services for travel companies. Many travel brands don’t realize that keyword research is a vital part of setting up a SEO campaign. Through effective keyword research fueled by Big Data, we’ve propelled our international hotel chain and national travel agency clients to the top of the SERPs and to big profits.

Our keyword research team focuses on uncovering the best keywords for local, regional and multi-location brands. Since the travel industry has unique needs when it comes to search optimization, it pays to work with a keyword research company that knows travel. We have the tools to research the right geo-targeted keywords that give customers – and Google – what they’re looking for.

Real Estate Keyword Research

Galileo creates comprehensive and customized keyword research solutions for real estate companies. We help our clients expand their reach and strengthen their reputation as leaders in their industry. Your luxury real estate brands benefit from keyword planning and keyword research by Galileo Tech Media. With Big Data on our side, we are able to create brand awareness for our clients that include keyword-driven blog posts, web content, articles and social media marketing.

Our track record of commitment to our clients’ search goals makes us a perfect partner for real estate agencies in need of keyword research services. We understand that intent drives the consumer in the real estate industry as in all other industries, but we also know that the upscale market has unique motivations. Galileo Tech Media begins digital and content marketing strategies for our real estate clients with keyword planning and keyword research. This approach leads into development of highly intent-based content for client websites and social media marketing.

Intent-Focused Keyword Research Services

Businesses obtain valuable marketing research information by paying attention to target buyers’ journeys. Through intent-focused SEO keyword research services, you learn about what leads customers to make a purchase decisions. By selecting and using the best intent-based keywords, you’re company is there to provide needed information throughout every step of the buyer’s journey – which ultimately guides the buying decision.

All marketers should be implementing intent-focused SEO keyword research to find out what consumers are looking for. Even buyers who aren’t ready to purchase are important targets that marketers should focus their keyword research on. When you know the motivation (and patterns) behind online searches that lead up to a sale, you can better prepare for what they consumer is looking for. It’s important in today’s rapidly changing digital world to anticipate customers’ actions. Intent-focused keyword research lets you do just that.

Keyword research should be conducted at the start of every SEO campaign. But, you don’t want to simply do keyword research that looks at the final sale stage of the buying cycle. It’s critical you begin your SEO and digital marketing efforts with keyword research that specifically focuses at the intent of the buyer at every step leading to a sale. Because intent changes as technology progresses and the market evolves, ongoing analytics become a crucial part of intent-based keyword research.

Keyword Research Services For:

What is Keyword Planning?

Keyword planning is a necessary step for companies who want to improve or continue success in their online marketing campaigns. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a helpful tool for brands to find local keywords that will bring in customers. It allows marketers to search for new keywords and ad group ideas, entering main keywords to help narrow down results and then specifying a chosen location to “get ideas.” With Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you can even enter areas surrounding your city for local keyword help. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is just one approach Galileo takes to keyword planning.

How Do I Find the Best Keywords for SEM and SEO?

Using Google Suggest, among other strategies, you can find the best keywords for SEM and SEO. With Google Suggest and simple evaluation of search engine results pages for a sample query, it’s possible to view recommendations for long-tail keywords related to your primary researched keywords and your unique geographic location. There are many other tools Galileo Tech Media uses to find optimal keywords for your digital and content marketing campaigns.