Link building has been an SEO best practice for years, but the strategies and consequences have changed. So, it’s every business’ business to find out how to link properly and effectively. If you have a website and want to get traffic from search (of course, you do), you need to know how link to others’ useful content, gain quality backlinks and build a solid internal linking structure. Or, you can hire a link building company to do it for you.

What Does a Link Building Company Do?

Before we talk about what a link building company does, we should probably go over the basics of what links are. Many people know that links, or hyperlinks, take the reader from one website to another. Like a hotel website linking travelers to the website of a top attraction in the area. Or, a real estate agent linking homebuyers to a school ratings site.

Links can also guide a viewer from a page of a website to a different one, such as from the home page on a physician’s site to pages that discuss insurance options or wellness tips. They might direct a potential furniture buyer from a blog post about modern bedroom sets to an article offering tips on creating an inviting atmosphere for sleep.

So, getting back to what a link building company does. A link building company creates a strategy for external and internal linking that offers value for a business’ target customers or clients. And then, it executes, getting the business on Google’s radar as one that can be trusted. Google, in turn, rewards with top SERP placement. This all happens with a good link building company, anyway.

Why Knowing Where and How to Link Matters

Today, there are nuances that go on in building. You can’t just link to any website or page, just for the sake of linking. Believe it or not, that worked in the past. Now, it’s seen as the spam SEO tactic it is. You have to create links that bring depth to a topic and paint a complete picture.

Any website owner or marketer putting a linking campaign together needs to carefully select anchor text that points naturally to linked subject matter, while considering the outbound website’s reputation. Backlinks should be sought out from strong companies in the same industry, to form partnerships that benefit both as well as interested parties. Links from page to page on the same website will ideally give a client or customer more reasons to stick around and remain loyal.

Everything done has to be smooth, eloquent, creative and consistent. Link building is essentially communication between a business, its partners and the customer or client. It should be sales-oriented. Or, if appropriate, simply focused on keeping the organization viable for the long term. But, it has to be honest and genuine too or it will blow up and create a mess.

Galileo Tech Media can create a customized link building strategy for you that considers your company’s goals, core audience, marketing budget and industry culture. Contact us to find out more and get started!