Consumer behavior has changed, and only the strong businesses survive after the “new normal.” However, it takes more than targeted post-pandemic business ideas to achieve success. Consumers must hear and recognize your voice above the competitive post-pandemic din. This is where new post-pandemic branding tools come in.

Much like rebuilding a home after a natural disaster, rebranding a business requires tools and dedication after quarantining. Without the right tools, your house will fall. Likewise, you need branding tools to support remote workers and future profitability in a new marketplace.

Our team has worked remotely long before the pandemic. For years, we’ve collaborated in the cloud and conducted international meetings via the Internet. Discover the tools you need to achieve – and exceed – your goals for 2022 and beyond.

Support Remote Work

Remote work or a hybrid is here to stay post-pandemic. Before COVID-19, an estimated 37 percent of jobs in the country could be performed remotely. However, only 7 percent of employees worked entirely remotely before quarantining.

While vaccinations have brought people in public and back to work, many employees choose remote work or a hybrid approach. As of June 2021, 35 percent of employees work remotely, with 30 percent considering themselves hybrid workers. Companies must support remote workers to stay profitable and attract top talent.

We use tools to stay connected and collaborate effectively on projects. For example, cloud communication tools such as Basecamp, Monday, and Slack are ideal for project management. Work with your team and clients in real-time to determine project progress and make essential updates.

Two important considerations for remote work are maintaining the organizational culture and staying connected with clients. Remain interactive by collaborating with clients and associates via meeting services such as Zoom. Also, simple solutions such as Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets enable everyone to work on critical documents and projects together in real-time, regardless of location. For example, use Google Spreadsheets to ping comments to other team members and gain transparency on progressive projects.

Review Updated Analytics

Yesterday’s analytics won’t reflect tomorrow’s market evolutions. Therefore, updated analytics are essential to rebrand and compete after a new normal. Because SEO is not a one-and-done game, constantly keep your finger on the updated site and content analytics pulse.

When it comes to search engines, Google is considered the “godfather.” When in doubt, rely on Google resources to get important updates about online behavior and industry trends. Use Google Search Console for key website summaries, including:

  • Loading speed
  • HTML markup
  • Website position
  • Clicks on the site in search engine results
  • Broken links
  • Impressions

Simple fixes go a long way when it comes to optimization. Fixing broken links, eliminating unnecessary coding and images, and other quick updates help improve site functionality and ranking. When users have a positive experience, they won’t surf to the competition. In a fast-paced, post-pandemic online marketplace, speed is critical to gaining consumer trust – and improving conversion rates.

Perform Keyword Research that Matters

Rebranding means revamping tired content on your blog and creating fresh articles that matter today. It takes the right low-competition, high-volume keywords to rank on the search engines. Try BrightEdge to perform keyword research that matters and maximize your SEO and marketing ROI.

We use BrightEdge to gather data on content, search, mobile, and local. The unique benefit is the ability to access relevance and intent information to gauge the evolving post-pandemic market. Real-time data speaks to what your target audience is doing and how they interact with your site.

Start with a content audit to find content that performs well but could do better with refreshing to appeal to post-pandemic consumers. Next, include new facts with links to valuable authorities to answers – update current links and eliminate the broken ones. Then sprinkle relevant keywords into the article, title tags, and metadata. Finally, remember to promote your new article to maximize its potential.

Creating new content is one of the most effective ways to share post-pandemic business ideas and innovations. It is also one of the most affordable branding tools to rebrand your company. Answer current consumer questions and provide solutions to become a respected authority and improve conversions.

Develop Quality Content

Since the pandemic, e-commerce has grown two to five times faster – and you want your share. As the competition gets fiercer and big corporations increase their marketing budgets, quality content is more important than ever before. Well-thought and executed content appears on search engines and resonates with consumers, building a trusted brand.

Authoritative and instructional content becomes a valuable resource and is often shared—expanding its breadth. Surfer SEO is a tool to optimize your written content. With “500+ on-page signals, you have the tools to produce top-quality content that soars past the competition.

Beyond optimization, content should be professional, easy-to-read, and free of glaring errors. Grammarly detects a variety of errors, from misspellings to poorly constructed sentences. A Beta version available for Google Docs supports remote work and helps your team produce high-quality content.

Dare to cover unique topics related to your industry and its offerings. Innovators get noticed as consumers search for solutions to post-pandemic problems. Companies providing helpful answers develop a recognizable brand people trust – and recommend to others.

Branding Tools Support Post-Pandemic Business Ideas

As you develop post-pandemic business ideas, look to real-time data and resources to be relevant and cutting-edge. Adopt branding tools to rebuild your brand and streamline marketing and SEO efforts. It’s time to check your virtual toolbox and get your share of the post-pandemic profits!

You can’t rebuild a house without a well-equipped toolbox and thoughtful plan. With that in mind, you can’t rebuild and rebrand your company without the right branding tools and business plan based on real-time analytics and consumer data.

Are You Struggling?

Are you struggling to rebrand and remain relevant post-pandemic? Do you need to find tools for continued success? Contact us today to discuss the evolution of marketing post-pandemic. Learn how to face the new normal with confidence about the future – and watch your conversion rates grow.