Ready to create content that broadens your company’s reach? Use a hashtag finder to better connect with your target audience and provide them with exactly what they’re looking for.

Using a hashtag finder, it’s possible to get more information on the conversations that consumers are having. With this information, you can organize your editorial calendar around content that’s optimized for potential customers and customers. A hashtag finder lets you gear your content specifically for each of your marketing channels too, so the topics you’re talking about online are consistent with those trending on certain channels.

By researching hashtags, your blog posts and web content will have a better chance of resonating with your buyer persona. Your active social media channels will be more of a place for meaningful engagement. Researching hashtags and creating content around those you find to be relevant to your business’ offerings lets you tune your content marketing campaign for greater success.

Types of Hashtags

The hashtags you should search for will generally fall into the following 5 categories:

  • Brand hashtags
  • Local hashtags
  • Related hashtags
  • Event hashtags
  • Holiday hashtags

Brand Hashtags

People use brand hashtags (#companyname) when they’re looking specifically for something related to a brand. You might search for your business’ name in the form of a hashtag to see if consumers are mentioning your brand and to learn how they’re talking about it.

Perhaps your marketing department has already established a branded hashtag for your business. If so, look for it online, on all of the major social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to uncover what types of conversations are happening around your business or the special hashtag.

hashtag finder

Local Hashtags

Local hashtags are possibly the most popular on Instagram, but you should search for them on Facebook and Twitter too. Depending on where your company does business, you’ll want to conduct a city or state search using a hashtag before the locale.

You might even look up neighborhood or district hashtags, or hashtags related to popular landmarks and attractions around your place of business. Hotels, chain restaurants and multi-location real estate companies should search for each location they hold a market share in or are looking to expand in.

Related Hashtags

If you’re already using hashtags to research content for your website or social media channels, look for related hashtags that reveal conversations around similar topics. Or, search for hashtags that expand on a theme. You can gain great insight into trends and consumer needs by researching hashtags that run parallel to those most relevant to your business, or that dive deeper into a concept.

Hashtagify is a superb tool for conducting related hashtag research. It does an excellent job of identifying relevant hashtags by showing you popular words alongside your primary hashtags. Google+ hashtags are good sources of in-depth discovery, but keep in mind that most hashtags here and on other social media channels are time sensitive and they can provide you with outdated information.

Event Hashtags

Many industries have yearly events that can be fuel for inspiring content. Whether these events are conferences, awards ceremonies, races, film festivals or something else entirely, there will be people searching for hashtags related to these happenings.

You can create content geared toward the information users are trying to find online as related to special events. This is a fantastic way to connect with new customers and hopefully returning customers. Event organizers will often market hashtags in relation to happenings and occasions they promote, so look for these and join in the conversation.

Holiday Hashtags

No matter your niche, you can use holiday hashtags to reach out to consumers. Search for #NewYears #MothersDay, #Thanksgiving, #Christmas or any other holiday-related hashtag and research what people are talking about as it pertains to your industry and business.

Holiday hashtags are fun ways to simply create the occasional light and feel-good piece that will resonate with everyone. This type of content is actually easy to recycle from year to year since it doesn’t get stale and it focuses mostly on the same themes.

During all of your research, you can input new hashtag finds into Google+/Explore to discover similar concepts to create content around. After you’ve used hashtags to come up with new content, make sure you note the hashtags that brought you the most success. Hashtag analytics should be part of your constant and consistent evaluation of the marketing tactics that are working for you and those that need to be tweaked.

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