To grow your business in a competitive marketplace, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are key. With rapid changes happening in industries that used to reward solid traditional marketing strategies, it’s now more important to be creative online to be seen. Getting eyes on your brand and gaining loyalty when there’s a sea of consumer choices can be a challenging endeavor. Today, it’s essential you work with a keyword finder to find the words and phrases that will match searchers and buyers with your brand.

An Overview of Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the strategy of marketing businesses through paid advertisements that show up on search engine results pages (SERPS). The practice of SEM has advertisers bidding on keywords they think Google (and other search engine) users will type into a search box. If advertisers get it right, their ads show up alongside results for desired queries. The pay-per-click ads might be text-based ads (small) or product listing ads (large and more visual).

The strength in using a keyword finder to best predict what words and phrases the user will type can’t be understated. If a marketer can correctly assess what terms a consumer uses to find a product or service online (a solution to a particular need), the ability to generate sales and brand loyalty (successfully grow a business) is tremendous.


How Does SEM Differ from SEO?

While SEM generally refers to paid search marketing, SEO doesn’t rely on buying traffic and clicks. SEO involves organic consumer attention and transactions through carefully planned content-related connection with potential buyers and buyers. Using a keyword finder, whether a program, service or agency, you can improve your chances of getting organic traffic and clicks (free marketing, almost). This approach also referred to as inbound marketing will become a highly important part of your entire marketing campaign.

SEM and SEO have their effective places within the marketing funnel, SEM primarily driving conversions at the bottom and SEO bringing in the evergreen traffic needed prior, at the top. The foundation for both marketing strategies relies heavily on appropriately selected keywords.

Using a Keyword Finder to Identify the Best Keywords for SEM and SEO

Before you even begin a paid or organic search campaign, you need to conduct comprehensive keyword research. By using a keyword finder, which might be in the form of tool online or an SEO agency for hire, you can accomplish your search goals more quickly.

Keyword finders online let you enter keywords that you believe are relevant to your business, and they offer suggestions for keywords that can become the basis of your market strategies. There are several free tools available that provide a wealth of information for your marketing campaign, including search volume for particular keywords and the overall competitiveness of keywords in Google searches.

If you don’t have the time or the personnel to use an online keyword finder to uncover the most effective keywords for your business goals, Galileo can help. Our SEO agency lives keywords and search marketing, and we provide measurable positive results to our clients as a result of our keyword research efforts. To learn more about how Galileo can help you plan an effective keyword strategy and campaign, Contact Us.